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ABOUT MYSELF2nd version

Some time ago I wrote a paper entitled "My view of myself", but in this article, I will not be taking that kind of objective view. I will, instead, adopt a rather more subjective and outspoken way.

  When I consider that nobody can be so happy like me, I am always filled with deep gratitude to God. What is the cause of this situation? Indeed, I am not like other ordinary people, for I have been given a mission of vital importance by God, and I endeavor day and night to carry it out. As you know, O my followers, how very many people I save by these efforts! However, there is some secret of happiness which is not limited to a special person such as me, and anyone can understand and follow it. In giving details of this, let me disclose my basic way of thinking and attitudes.

  From my earliest days I have always liked to please others, which has become almost my joyful avocation. I am constantly thinking of how others can be happy. My first concern on getting up in the morning is how well my family members are, and if even one of them is unwell I also feel unwell. This is quite different from the common household situation. Usually the first concern in the household is whether the head of the family feels well or not. In my case the situation is quite opposite and I must admit that even I myself find it very odd and even a little bit regrettable point. To hear people arguing in anger or abusing each other, or to hear them grumbling or complaining is my hardest thing in the world. And to hear one and the same thing repeatedly told is also very painful for me. My natural inclination is to stay in peace and want everyone to be happy whatever happens, and to detest tenacious attachment. This is the basis of my personality.

  This way of thinking constitutes one of the reasons that I am a man of happiness and good fortune. And it is because of this that I say, "If you do not make others happy, you can never be happy yourself."

  The greatest mission bestowed on me by God is to create Heaven on Earth, which will be realized when the hearts and minds of mine become widespread and expanded into everyone and everywhere. I feel sorry that this writing sounds sort of self-praise but I will be quite happy if it brings some benefit to every one of you.

Jikan's Thoughts on the New Philosophy of Life (Jikan Library Book XII),
January 30, 1950 (the 25th year of Showa)
The 1st version: Heaven on Earth, No. 7, August 30, 1949 (the 24th year of Showa)

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This essay appears in published translation. The citation is given below for reference.

“Acts of Love Pave the Way to Earthly Paradise,” Reaching for Faith, 2010, page 27.