Great Construction


   As a reminder about nutrition, medical experts often say that you should eat such and such food because it is highly digestible, but they are totally mistaken.  Actually, if food is too digestible, stomach is getting weaker and weaker because its activities are uncalled-for.  Accordingly, if you go on eating digestible foods and taking a digestive drug, your stomach will more and more slowdown in activity and slacken.  And when this symptom gets worse, it develops into gastroptosis, so gastroptosis is the disease which medicine has brought about.  Besides, medicine recommends chewing food thoroughly, but this is also a mistake; it is only a method for weakening stomach.

  Therefore; since food is what God has created so that human beings should eat indigestible things as well as digestible ones both properly mixed, I assure you that if you eat whatever delicious foods that you want to eat and chew them about halfway, you will never have a stomach trouble.

Salvation of the World, No.50, February 18, 1950 (the 25th year of Showa)