Great Construction

World Messianity’s Revenues

     The world at large is indeed interesting. What I refer to here are the instances that once in a while come to my ears about when those in rather powerful positions make strenuous efforts, doing this and that, to investigate the revenues of World Messianity. I have no idea why they want to know such matters, but these people are to be congratulated for their persistence. About this what I want to say is that World Messianity is a real religion and not a black market high-interest money lender. It does nothing other than act in accordance with God, desiring the happiness of humanity and saving the world, so those who harbor doubts about World Messianity are ne’erdowells without any sentiment of altruism from dubious periodicals who want to write salacious articles for entertainment and who believe the false rumors created by competitors from professional jealousy that are based on hasty and rash conclusions. Thus, although they could visit, research, and get a good understanding of what really goes on in the inner workings of World Messianity, they do not do so, only swallowing whole the false rumors they read, and they are an exceeding nuisance, so I thought it would not be a complete waste to write about finances once, hence this piece.
     The issue is the revenues of World Messianity. It is said that compared to other religions those of World Messianity are great, and this fact has to be admitted, but having said so, there is nothing to be done for it. Why should the revenues of World Messianity be great? In the hard times in which we live, there is no reason why anyone should give money to something that has no significance. Indeed, in this world there are sneaky, malign religious groups, and it is not as if no one has not been deceived by such people, but such base religions never last that long. They may shake up the world for a while, but before anyone is aware, they have been forgotten. We ourselves have seen many examples of this up to the present, so it is not unreasonable for people to be suspicious.
     But to get back to the main subject, that the revenues of World Messianity are great is accounted for by its wonderful material benefits. The fact that material benefits are great in World Messianity is because God’s power of salvation is strong, and that is because this salvation is presided over by the supreme God. As policy, World Messianity never extorts donations, they are all spontaneously and freely given. But as long as there are individuals on whom the doctors had pronounced a death sentence helped, those who had suffered from intractable diseases for many years healed in a short time, and families that had never been without some kind of illness become completely healthy, the tremendous emotion and gratitude is inevitable, and the result of those sentiments are donations. These sentiments of emotion and appreciation are embodied in the experiences that are related in the tear-producing testimonials of blessings received published in this newspaper of which we receive so many we cannot carry all. Even upon merely one reading of these testimonials, it is likely to be seen that my preceding account contains not one jot of falsehood.
     When read, these testimonials drip with the enthusiastic desire that the writers without exception want those who are suffering from the same sicknesses and diseases that they did to know of their appreciation. In addition, as World Messianity is directed toward the realization of a world free of disease, poverty, and conflict, that is, God’s great economy for the appearance of a paradise on earth on this planet, they believe there is no sacred work as worthwhile in assisting, so it is only natural that those with the wherewithal contribute with all their love and sincerity to return that appreciation. In this corrupt world, is there anything so spiritually uplifting that deserves commendation? If there should be such weak individuals who see our work and censure it because it is superstitious or malign, no matter how much they may claim ignorance, they are completely blind. Rather, I can think of them only as human beings who ought to be pitied.
     But it is these very people who need to be saved for which my followers united as one earnestly work night and day. As part of this project World Messianity is presently constructing prototypes of paradise on earth, that is, gardens, grounds, and buildings on a large scale in areas of great natural beauty in Hakone and Atami, most of which work is performed by my followers who do so voluntarily. Their lofty attitudes can be seen as they strenuously labor, sweat pouring, without remuneration, from morning to night, even bringing their own lunch: their enthusiasm overwhelms the hearts of all. This is not unreasonable. These are people whose lives have been saved, and since the fact that their lives have been saved by God is impressed on their hearts, their earnestness is extraordinary.
     As can be seen from the above, the greater the number of those saved, the result is that greater are the revenues of World Messianity. As this energy continues, that a world of good and beauty can be constructed should be greatly welcomed by many as more individuals learn of this work. If there should be any that might oppose this view, regretful as it might be, they are nothing more than those who have the fate of perishing.

Kyūsei, Issue 56, April 1, 1950
    translated by cynndd

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“Honkyō no Shū’nyū ni Tsuite,” which originally appeared at the top of the first page of Kyūsei, Issue 56, April 1, 1950, was not included in any of the anthologies that were published immediately preceding and following Meishu-sama’s death and was not printed again until it was included in an exclusive internal-use anthology that was published in 1971. “Honkyō no Shū’nyū ni Tsuite” only became available to the general public with the distribution of Volume 8 of Chojutsu-hen (Prose Works) of Okada Mokichi Zenshū (Complete Works of Mokichi Okada) starting on February 23, 1996. As far as is known, the essay has not appeared in translation.