Great Construction

Kindness and Modesty

     When the human beings of our world are observed, that which is probably most lacking are kindness and modesty.
     To begin with, I will write in reference primarily to World Messianity, in which case, to see how much one’s faith has progressed, to discern how much one’s soul has been polished, there are measures that are not that difficult. Those polishing measures are these: when naturally one has come to dislike strife, when kindness wells up from within, and modesty appears. It can be understood that one has been greatly polished when one has come to have this mental state and attitude. This is stage where is to be discovered the most the value of faith. Individuals who have come to be such are loved by the general public, are respected, and become living examples of the way people should be.
     However, as we survey contemporary society, the aspects of kindness and modesty mentioned above are rather lacking. Wherever one looks, ugly incidents of people finding fault with, hating, and blaming others come to the eyes. It would be fair to say that kindness and such in people today is more than insufficient. That in all affairs and matters individuals persisting in their own interests, exposing themselves, using what sounds like logic, and not being concerned with whether they are disliked by others or not can only be seen as liberalism that has gone too far and become selfishness. The most unseemly are the copious examples of invasion of privacy, ostracization, callousness, and heartlessness. Since the number of individuals with these characteristics increase, society is dark, cold, and the number of pessimists grows, so the reason the suicide rate has climbed recently is probably due to this cause. A truly civilized society is one in which increases the number of its members who are dedicated to ideals like the gentlemanly code in England and the spirit of philanthropy in the United States, and because social morality is so well practiced, a society pleasant and easy-to-live-in will come about. It is such a society that is a paradisical world, so paradise is truly within grasp.
     Likewise, from a different perspective, urgent calls are being made today for a national policy on tourism for which of course material facilities are necessary, but probably the most essential element is none other than giving a friendly impression to foreign guests. When receiving visitors from abroad the three elements that must be present are kindness, modesty, and cleanliness. These elements that do not cost one cent are probably the most compelling for attracting foreign guests. The fundamental condition for creating individuals who project these elements, when all is said and done, is faith. World Messianity’s efforts are based on such a policy.

Eikō, Issue 75, October 26, 1950
translated by cynndd

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