Great Construction

The Savior

     When the question, “What is a savior?” is posed, the answer is without a doubt, as the ideograms of the Japanese word indicate, “a great saint who is born bearing the burden of the great mission of saving the world.” Indeed, since the beginning of history the fact that such a great saint has not made an appearance requires no discussion. About this subject, without ornamentation I will honestly and frankly describe myself and explain the sacred task I am presently carrying out.
     The activities of global salvation which I am now undertaking are probably of limited range, only a millionth part when seen from the viewpoint of all of humanity. But judging the present situation where there is an increase of individuals being saved daily, how many will probably be saved on a large scale in the future can be forecast.
     I vigorously exercise unseen power—contemporary individuals who have undergone a materialistic education will think the idea stupid and look upon me as an imposter, because terms such as “unseen power” and so forth are so unrealistic. Their views are not unreasonable, but if my assertions were indeed realistic, and if there were actual proof, what would be the result? Indeed, there could not but be a great, unprecedented sensation.
      With the power that I channel indirectly through the medium of my followers, the number of actual examples of those who have recovered from intractable diseases that had caused despair and who were brought back from the fate of certain death, that is, those who are now able to work actively as healthy individuals has already passed the many thousands—hundreds of thousands—already too many to count. In all periods of history, the length of human life has been taken to be fate, but the progress of culture and the advance of medical science has been unable to do anything about longevity. If however, as related above, humanity’s ultimate desire, the lengthening of human life, has become possible, the happiness of those who believe should know no bounds once this reality is understood, and there are probably no words to describe the joy. Even as knowledge of this fact is spread through word of mouth or through our organization’s periodicals, that this reality is not readily accepted is inevitable. It is probably only natural that one person would take it to be superstition while another think me a charlatan.
     Still, unless afflicted by some sort of mental condition, there is probably not one individual, regardless of station or circumstance, who does not wish for happiness. Even when all the conditions for happiness are established, if health is not gained, happiness is nothing. Christ said, “What does it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose life? Or what shall a person give in exchange for life?” Indeed, there is nothing more precious than health. It is fair to say that all of happiness in life depends on the word “health.”
     The many actual examples of those who have been saved through World Messianity overflow its periodicals. Saved not only from disease of course. The reports of appreciation that pile up on my desk also include those saved directly from disaster, those for whom poverty has been resolved, and those unfortunate who have become fortunate.
     The task of salvation I now lead is being carried out by the several tens of thousands of my disciples who have been trained and everyday perform countless numbers of miracles. It is clear that as a result of their efforts, the growth of World Messianity has reached the extent that the advance has become a topic throughout society.
     In the history of humanity, though the efforts of many saints and religionists are well documented, what is left of their work is also well known. What I am undertaking now differs so much there is no comparison. The second coming of Christ, the advent of the Messiah, the descent of the Maitreya, the appearance of the Bodhisattva Wheel-Rolling, and the birth of the Bodhisattva Superior Practices are all a matter of time. There is no reason for absurd, unrealistic prophecies to have been handed down for several hundreds, several thousands of years.
     I have neither wish nor desire to be a great saint or a world savior. I certainly did not believe myself worthy of such a burden. My only feeling, since youth, has been a burning love for humanity, and since becoming involved with religion, my only thought has been my wish to save the world. After my involvement in the world of religion, however, and with the completion of a certain amount of training, I received a divine revelation, after which, as time passed, intriguing events occurred around me, and I was given an astonishing spiritual power that surpassed any dream I may have ever had. I could not but wonder at my change of fate in such an extraordinary direction. Indeed, miracle followed miracle.
     If I were to describe these events, I would say that whatever I wish for is realized. When I brush a letter on paper, the letter seems to be alive and pulsate. The paper on which the letter is written is folded, put into a packet as a talisman, that is, as a focal point for light, and from the moment this focal point is hung around the neck, the wearer’s disposition becomes brighter and miracles start to occur. The power to cure the sickness and diseases of individuals also manifests. Unfortunate persons find their circumstances gradually start to improve. When the letters I have written are displayed on a scroll in the traditional alcove or put in a frame on the wall, light manifests which can even be seen by the physical eye of some persons. Unanimously followers continue to relate in positive terms many examples of how households gradually come to have a more paradise-like environment; of course, homes become brighter; and families involved in farming produce more abundant harvests.
     In accord with the description above, as one who is in the position of conducting this marvelous divine task, I believe I have been given divine protection as God’s deputy since I am carrying out the great mission of world salvation. As such, the activities of World Messianity deserve much attention and I hope they become an object of attention.

     In the preceding I have given a rough outline of World Messianity, but for those who wish to investigate in further depth is enclosed a separate handout of contact addresses that will help them to visit us at their leisure. Reading the journals and newspapers as well as the various books published by World Messianity which are available at these places is also recommended.

A Guide to World Messianity, November 20, 1950
translated by cynndd

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