Great Construction

A Discussion on Contemporary Medical Science

     One point that has to be made clear at the beginning of this discussion is that even though my topic is medical science, it will not be be an exposition removed from actual practice. It will be be based on facts, so I would like it to be read as such. Even when I state so, it is likely that third parties will find it beyond imagination, see it as astounding, and not be able to accept it.
     The extent that I thoroughly excise and expose the errors of modern medical science throughout this essay will quite astound not only professionals in the field but the ordinary person as well, and belief may seem impossible. At present when the praises of the progress of modern medical science are so highly touted, there is probably no where to be found someone, unless they are crazy, who has written an essay such as this. But, since the facts are facts, I have no choice but to publish my findings. Indeed, there will certainly come the time when there is no one in the world who does not know of these facts. And, the point that I have discovered this wonderful good news does have great significance. It is nothing other than God’s blessing. The sooner that more people know of this blessing, by that much will be reduced the number of unfortunate individuals
     For these reasons, until they are able to completely understand the discussion, I would like medical specialists to consider my writings as reference for a new theory. Also, at present I am in the midst of writing about this topic as part of a substantial monograph to be titled Creation of Civilization, and when it is completed, I intend to present it not only to the academic and intellectual circles of the world but also to the Nobel Prize committees. The volume will most likely be as an atom bomb dropped on the global medical profession. I declare that this work will be the basis for the institution of a treatment for true healing. In brief, it is sufficient to think of this volume as God’s revelation of the truth about healing for the end times.
     I would like to address the main topic, but first, I ask that readers rid themselves of the existing conceptions they have held to date. That is because even the slightest amount of preconceived ideas may hinder understanding, provoke antagonism, and make acceptance difficult. So first, let me start with the conclusion of my discussion which is that the methods current medical science uses to attempt to cure disease actually cause disease. The expression “medicine is a benevolent art” has been around since antiquity, and the profession has been considered sacred, but the progress has invited exactly the opposite results, and humanity does not face a problem of greater magnitude.
     To explain disease, according to divine revelation, sickness is the name that humanity has given to the suffering that accompanies the natural process of eliminating toxins that the physical body carries both congenitally and post-congenitally. However, this purpose of the process was not perceived, and exactly the opposite interpretation is now the basis for existing medical science. Therefore, the more that medical treatment is applied the more that opposite results obtain, and conditions gradually worsen. In accord with this principle, when an individual becomes sick or diseased, if no undue measures are undertaken, toxins will be gradually eliminated, so disease will be quickly healed, and health promoted. This is truth, so how to describe this blind spot of medical treatment which has gone against this truth and caused civilized people to come to suffer so is beyond words. There should be no more proof necessary than the one hundred or so actual examples carried in our periodicals each month. I advance my opinion based on these actual examples, so there is not one jot of error. When coming down with sickness or disease, all go to see a doctor, and there are those who are healed easily and those who are not. In any case, it is fair to say that complete recovery hardly exists. For example in the case of a cold, even though the patient may recover, there will be a recurrence. Even in the case of a light condition such as a cold, not only will it recur, each time it recurs, it will gradually worsen, and unfortunate individuals will develop into the primary stages of tuberculosis. The recent rapid increases of tuberculosis speak well to this.
     Most troubling in the case of actually catching a cold is that when individuals come down with this kind of condition, they are apt to fret abnormally and rush to take measures thinking it will be too late, but this is very bad because as the condition does not improve, the doctor is thought to be incompetent, new doctors and hospitals are sought, but the truth is that the more physicians and institutions are changed, the condition will only deteriorate. But what happens in most cases is that when the condition has become so bad and any thought of recovery through medical care has been forsaken, some patients start to search for remedies such as Chinese herbal medicines, traditional folk remedies, faith healing, and so forth. All avenues are tried, but nothing really works, and finally in the last few moments, they seek salvation at World Messianity. They find that our treatment is very different from anything they have experienced. They find they are actually getting better. It is intriguing that no medicines or instruments are used nor is the body touched. They do not understand, but even if they do not understand, they recover. It is enough that they are helped. The appreciation and emotion of finally finding what had been sought overflow the columns of testimonials in World Messianity’s periodicals. By day and by month, the number of people who are saved by Johrei continues to increase.
     Above I have written an unvarnished summary of the process through which go those who have been saved, so, when we ask the question why the expectations and results of medical treatment are so different, the answer is of course that drugs are the prime reason. There is not one thing in this world that could be considered “medicine.” All are poisons, and medical science more or less recognizes this fact. In other words, the potency of poisons are “borrowed” to temporarily alleviate the pain. But in point of fact, alleviating  pain and healing disease differ fundamentally. Medical science, which does not understand this fundamental difference, mistakes decrease in the level of pain for recovery from disease. Research has been continued concentrating only on the reduction of pain. The result has been that the methods for lessening pain have progressed, but the important goal of completely healing disease remains to be accomplished. It is I who has made this fundamental discovery, but another troubling point about medical science’s approach is that the medicinal toxins remain in the body and become the origin of other diseases. And that is because disease and sickness is the function or activity of removing medicinal toxins. This fact can be witnessed in the actual cases when an illness persists longer than usual, not only will complications occur but gradually the number of complications and other illnesses will gradually increase to the point that nothing can be done.
     At this stage, the suffering of the patient is tremendous, and finally life is lost. Upon discarding and rejecting ensnarement by preexisting conceptions, when my points are dispassionately considered, it is not logical that complications should arise while the original sickness or condition has still not been healed. If the disease could really be healed, the original condition should gradually improve, and there should not be anything such as complications. That this situation is not perceived results because all have become captives of preconceived ideas and are thus blind. The facts show this more clearly than anything else. Look! Contemporary peoples are afflicted by many kinds of disease, and there probably is not any one who does not have a disease or two. And, this is quite clear as can be seen in the facts that more and more people are coming down with tuberculosis and infectious diseases. The now deceased Dr. Tatekichi Irisawa, a very well-known doctor in his time, wrote the following: “If medical science were to disappear, it would be accompanied by the disappearance of sick people,” truly words to be valued.
     Here I will give another example of a phenomenon most people do not perceive which is that as a result of sickness and disease not being healed, sufferers try to get healed through some kind of faith. In any faith, however, medicines and drugs are not permitted, so even in those persons in which medicinal toxins have permeated, once the use of drugs is stopped and with psychological help, they show some improvement. Thus, the religionists say that sufferers have received a blessing, and sufferers believe so, are thankful and adopt the faith. Thus, looking at the situation from the results, medical science and treatment has spurred the growth of new religions. The new religions that are increasingly sprouting up stay alive because they place results over theory. 
     Following what I have discussed above, I recommend reading the testimonials in our periodicals. Readers can see there is no difference between reality and what I say. Therefore, I cannot be still when I think about the time when what I have to say is recognized by the world of medical academe and a great majority of people are saved.

Eikô, Issue 105, May 23, 1951
translated by cynndd