Great Construction

The Subject of the Last Judgment

     The phrase “the last judgment” was uttered by Christ, but Christ did not specify at all when it would come or what form it would take, so it is considered a puzzle today. For many long years, Christians have tried to unlock this puzzle but it still remains unsolved. If there had appeared someone who had been able to solve that puzzle, that someone would necessarily have been of the same level or even higher than that of Christ.
     Now, however, I have been able to understand the essence, the truth of this event, so there will probably be many who will not be able to hear this announcement without astonishment. As I have been given by God what could be called the central role in the unfolding of the last judgment, my announcement is probably natural. As the literal meaning of this phrase “last judgment” signifies some sort of verdict or trial, it is probably imagined that God will pronounce a judgment or that a lord of hell will appear, but that is not so at all. The last judgment refers to great global purification.
     For some time now, I have been teaching that in the spiritual world until the present it has been the world of night but now the time has come for the change to the world of daylight, and the true sign of that change is the last judgment. Furthermore, that judgment is close at hand. As to that approach, I teach that in the spiritual world since the date of June 15, 1931, the change to daylight started slowly and continues. As it reaches the last stages of the transition, there will be decisive and large-scale purification. As to how the change and last judgment will develop, it will be in three stages starting in the divine world, proceeding to the spiritual world, and finally to the physical world. When it becomes complete daylight, it will be the world of divine light. In regards to this point, I recently indicated that on June 15 of this year [1951], the first steps of becoming daylight on the last stage, that of the physical world, had just started. And, it should be known that during the next decade, it is divine administration that the foundation for the world of divine light, that is, paradise earth, is to be formed.
     I have described the change and the last judgment in general terms. Of course the progress from dawn to daylight will be gradual, but all my followers are probably well aware that the change is most assuredly progressing step by step. This progress can be understood not only from the fact that as the spiritual world becomes daylight, purification becomes more severe, but also that the efficaciousness of Johrei is more noticeable. Also notable are facts such as the healing process becomes faster by day and by month, the number of miracles greatly increases, and so forth. Followers of World Messianity can probably see that the rate of healing has become more rapid compared to that of last year and the year before. As purification gradually becomes more severe, the changes in humanity and society as well will grow more pronounced. As all will be bathed in divine light, in accordance with affinity, the level of purification will equal that in the spiritual world, so those that are more impure will gradually decline and those that are purer will flourish. It will indeed be a momentous occasion and a great issue for humanity. When the final time does come, the power of nature will become invincible no matter what human beings may do. Good and evil will be ascertained and clearly distinguished. Evil will perish and good will remain and live.
     So, as can be seen, those with greater amounts of sins and impurities will not be able to withstand the great purification, and it will be unavoidable that they will have to leave this world forever. On the other hand, good will remain without trouble to live, so whatever purification may come, there will be peace of mind because good will be in a situation to withstand it. Therefore, the subject of the last judgment will be frightening to those with great amounts of sins and impurities, but those with small amounts rather can be thankful. That is because what will come after the last judgment will be heaven on this earth, and a joyful life will become possible.
     As preparation for the last judgment is the appearance of World Messianity. As I explained above, our purpose is to increase as much as possible the number of people who safely pass through the last judgment. This action is the great love of God and the great mission assigned to me. The one method for doing so is Johrei, so Johrei is not only for healing sickness. Johrei is to create individuals who can safely pass the coming last judgment. Thus, those who have learned of this work can probably recognize that World Messianity is a work of salvation akin to the ark provided to Noah long ago. There is no other reason why World Messianity has the name it does. I believe the above has given an overall understanding of the last judgment.

Eikô, Issue 110, June 27, 1951
translated by cynndd

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