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Bacteria and Germs Should Be Appreciated

     Those who see this title, and even some of my followers may not be aware of this topic, but particularly individuals not familiar with World Messianity flabbergasted, will probably doubt my sanity. However, as this is a field of the highest level of spiritual science which is truth, if examined carefully and pondered deeply, the reader should most likely find areas of agreement. On the topic of bacteria and germs, I speak here in terms of sickness and disease, so I will thoroughly explore the reason why bacteria and germs exist and if they harm human beings. The very thorough exploration of this issue is a grave problem for contemporary civilization.
     Of course, this problem is continually being studied and researched by specialists in the field, but present-day limits of science do not allow for understanding the true characteristics of and the forms of bacteria and germs. The obstacles do not stop here. Even in pursuit of resolving the problems of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, despite efforts that are pursued body and soul, the present situation is that what ought to be seen is not visible. That is because scientists’ approach to the problem is fundamentally flawed, and they think it is sufficient only to kill bacteria and germs which they believe will prevent the spread of infectious diseases. However, I always emphasize the point of view that looks to results, and present methods only amount to looking at the outside. But the origin of bacteria and germs is in the center of the deep, inner recesses of the human being, and as long as this point is not perceived, no matter how much large amounts of money are spent and efforts, expended, they are nothing other than a waste of time and labor. Speaking without reserve, it would be fair to say that present bacteriology is still in the cradle, and there is no forecast as to when it may come to be of any use.
     To proceed to my main point, this planet is the world prepared for human beings, and since human beings are the leading characters on this stage, all that is here is only what is necessary for human beings. There is not one thing that is unnecessary. Therefore, in spite of the fact that even bacteria and germs which are the origin of disease possess a necessary existence, all attention is devoted to reviling and exterminating them. This situation has occurred because the fundamentals are not understood. Thus, if the true characteristics and forms of bacteria and germs were understood, nothing would be so beneficial to human health. In making this explanation, what is difficult is that what I have to say is so staggering compared to the theories which have appeared to date, that for understanding the reader needs to keep a frank and open mind and read as carefully as possible.
     What I mean by the pathology of disease is, as I always teach, the toxin or impure blood that is continually and constantly collecting in the human body that, if not eliminated, will hinder normal activity, so to eliminate impure blood within the individual who requires cleansing, a natural purifying activity  generates. During the elimination process, the suffering experienced and the pain felt is what is called disease, thus, disease is actually an internal cleansing activity. For example, each one of us human beings collects dirt and grime on the outside of the skin on our bodies, and we take a bath to wash it off. In the same way, dirt and grime collects on and in the internal organs of our bodies. The cleansing activity of the internal organs is disease. God has indeed skillfully created the human body. This is not a falsehood or any such nonsense. When sickness or disease breaks out, cleansing activity such as phlegm, drooling, mucous, night sweats, diarrhea, boils, tumors, and eczema occurs. So, if what is going to come out, does actually come out, cleansing is effected and the degree of health is increased.
     Wonder of all wonders, however, this tremendous way of cleansing, which unlike a bath does not cost one penny, is the object of all kinds of suppressive efforts. These efforts are led by medical science which may be the most ridiculous mistakes ever. There are probably no other mistakes as egregious. Due to these mistakes, the health of the human body has declined, and the physical body, which had been created to live for a long time, suffers death at an early age. Not only are modern peoples complacent in this mistake, rather, they are thankful for it. To those of our present civilization, I say “Pathetic ones, your name is ‘Civilized’.” There is, however, something even more troubling. That troubling aspect is that since impure substances are used to suppress the actual elimination of impure elements, those very suppressive methods become the means by which impure elements within the physical body increase. Once this principle is understood, it should be obvious that there is nothing so tremendously beneficial as sickness or disease.
     At this stage, I can begin to discuss bacteria and germs. What is impure in the human body is of course the impurities in the blood. How to eliminate these impurities is something for which God has indeed created an interesting solution. That method is to use a creature so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye—what we now call bacteria and germs—to cleanse, so the Creator has caused them to breed when necessary. In other words, the origin of the generation of bacteria and germs was planned for and created. I am presently writing in detail about this subject in the section on science in the upcoming book Creation of Civilization, so I will omit discussing it here. In general terms what happens is that the microorganisms known as bacteria and germs enter the blood of someone whose blood is impure with the function of purifying the impure blood. This action occurs because the blood should not be tainted and being tainted means that it contains impure substances. An interesting aspect is that the particles of impure substances become the foodstuff of bacteria and germs, and as they consume the impure substances, they breed and multiply with tremendous vigor, but once they have eaten all there is to eat, they become mixed with the other matter to be eliminated and are discharged from the body, so step by step the amount of impurities in the body decreases, and the individual comes to have purer blood. Because bacteria and germs have a difficult time consuming dense levels of impure blood, fever is generated to make consumption easier. Once this process is clearly understood, the cleaners called bacteria and germs who purify the inside of the human body should be greatly appreciated.
     The issue remains, however, how does impure blood come about? Impure blood occurs in accordance with the principle of the affinity, or correspondence, of all things through an indeed rationally fashioned system. To explain, there would be no problem if human beings became aware of their role on earth and accordingly acted correctly, but most human beings without knowing and realizing it, come to do wrong and make mistakes, and as a result, the spirit becomes clouded, and when the spirit becomes clouded, the blood becomes contaminated, impure. Impure blood becomes the origin of disease which becomes suffering. Disease could be considered punishment for mistakes. Without the process known as disease, human beings will not only be unable to fulfill their role, they will cause harm to society at large, so it was inevitable that God would create human beings so they could eliminate their impurities. Therefore, if human beings do right, they will not become the possessors of impure blood, so bacteria and germs will not generate, and disease will disappear from this world. This is Truth. As it can be understood that human beings themselves make the bacteria and germs that cause disease, and human beings themselves suffer, I have written this text to show there is nothing more ridiculous as current medical theory. 

Eikô, Issue 115, August 1, 1951
translated by cynndd