Great Construction

The Realm of Inorganic Substance

     At this point in my explanation of tuberculosis, I will discuss the steps in the process of the generation of germs or pathogens. At present, the organic substances called germs are only visible to the human eye with electronic microscopes of sixty thousand times magnification. This is the limit of science nowadays but not the summit. Thus, we can forecast the day when development of the microscope has most likely proceeded so that it can perceive and show super microscopic organisms. It is only a matter of time. But such development must be seen as remote.
     Within the limitations as described above, science has presently come to within one step in front of the door to the realm of inorganic substance and is at a point where it appears to have hit a large wall. But rejoice! I have broken through this wall. About this breakthrough I will now explain.
    Related to the topic of breakthroughs is the work of the scientist, Hideki Yukawa, and his theory of the meson. Dr. Yukawa is a specialist in theoretical physics, and as he was discovering the existence of the meson, another group of scientists just happened to photograph cosmic rays among which were found that several particles of what Dr. Yukawa had described, meson, were impressed on the photographic plate. Thus Dr. Yukawa’s theory was confirmed. In other words, his theory was validated through experimental physics, and ultimately he was able to receive a Nobel Prize. The theory I propose is based on theoretical spiritual science through which I have also been able to demonstrate with practical application the wonderful results of my theory in curing people of their illnesses and diseases. Thus, these wonderful results are a magnificent validation of experimental spiritual science. Even in terms of materialistically-based science as well, it can be envisioned that mine is a tremendous discovery.
     Expressed in more easily understandable terms, as the limit to which material science has been developed can be said to be the atomic science we have today, because the next stage after the world of the atom, the realm of inorganic substance, has been successfully discovered, even from a materialistically scientific point of view, the recognition of this new world is indeed a great advance. This very world is an existence that spatially connects science and the spirit, as previously described, and in this text I clarify the middle area that fills the space between the world of science and the world of spirit. It need not be emphasized that it is, indeed, this very space which has been a riddle of mystery that until today natural scientists, philosophers, and men of religion sought but could not understand. The solution to that riddle was the object of a strong desire and determination that existed within the hearts of human beings, although faint and dim. Now, however, that riddle has been revealed. It is the realization of the dream of an ideal of all ages. Even so, that the progress of civilization must someday arrive at the boundary of this mystery was predicted. The expectation of most, however, including natural scientists, was that this boundary would be reached through science, but unforeseen and unexpectedly these predictions have been dashed, and this truth was ascertained by a man of religion, that is, by me. It is of no moment to merely understand this discovery. This discovery must be put to use. When it is used for the benefit of the welfare of humanity and only then does this discovery give birth to great significance. The expectations held for this significance have not been betrayed. Complete recovery from disease has been effected and the lengthening of human life has become possible.
     As described above, the blessings that will accrue to humanity with this great discovery are inexpressible in either speech or writing. At the point when the news of this great discovery has spread to every corner of the world, a great transition will arise within civilization most likely marking a new beginning in human history. What will guide this new world will be neither science nor religion but both science and religion, and it is obvious that this will be the appearance of an age of true civilization neither experienced nor imaginable by humanity. Now, I move on to a discussion of the relationship between the world of inorganic substance and the material world.

Revolutionary Treatment for Tuberculosis, page 39, August 15, 1951
translated by cynndd

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“Mukishikkai” is the tenth chapter of Kekkaku no Kakumeiteki Ryōhō (Revolutionary Therapy for Tuberculosis), page 39, August 15, 1951, and was later heavily revised by Meishu-sama for inclusion as the twelfth chapter of the second part (dealing with healing) of his projected volume Bunmei no Sōzō (Creation of Civilization) which was never published while he was alive and did not appear in print until 1971.