Great Construction

Opening Remarks (Chijôtengoku 27)

     Recently, purification has become more severe, and I have heard reports of sudden and severe purification among even my followers, but this is a very good thing, because, although quite distressing temporarily, it is a preparatory purification for the last great purification that is to come. When this purification spreads to members of the general public, however, one shudders to imagine what wretched scenes we will see. It would not be wrong to think that the fact that the many cases of dysentery which for some reason have appeared this year is an indication of the coming purification. Cases of mass dysentery, in particular, have broken out in all regions, but for us it is only a matter of course.
     Recently, the instances of eliminating impure blood, whether the vomiting of blood or the discharge of blood in the stool, have been many, and this shows that purification has become severe. Also many are those sufferers of slight fever. When this happens to members of the general public, they are, one after another, suspected of having had contracted tuberculosis, so it is interpreted that tuberculosis is spreading, and the fact is viewed as a tremendous phenomenon that is rapidly accelerating. At this pace, in a few years, Japan will be filled with tuberculosis patients in all regions, and there is concern that industry and the like will be influenced immensely. When it comes to this point, it is more than clear that both civilian and government authorities will come to us begging for help. 
     As purification rapidly becomes more severe, the solidifying therapies of medical science will start to as a matter of course present with reverse effects, so the more medical treatment is applied, the more the condition will worsen. Doctors also will become unpleasant, and then, for the first time, doubts about medical science cannot help but arise. World Messianity‚Äôs critiques of medical science will be looked upon again in a positive way and there will probably be many doctors who come to us directly to be taught. When affairs have advanced to this stage, it will be understood that World Messianity, unlike the existing religions, is a religion that transcends all religions, so we have to persevere until then. As preparation for this time, it is best that we polish our bodies and souls as well as deepen our knowledge about disease and health by reading the teachings and channeling along with receiving Johrei.

Chijôtengoku, Issue 27, page 4, August 25, 1951
translated by cynndd