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Pathogenesis and the Principle of Johrei

     When one becomes a follower of World Messianity, a packet is presented to be worn around the neck, and to effect healing all that has to be done is to face the palm of the hand towards a sick individual. Patients in grave conditions who have been forsaken by doctors or invalids who have long suffered, diagnosed with serious disease incurable for a lifetime, who whether through medical science or through folk remedies and medicine or through reliance upon some sort of faith have not recovered, and those who in desperation have been driven to consider committing suicide, after receiving Johrei immediately start to turn toward recovery and present amazing results. This wonder can only be understood by those who have actually experienced it or by the people in the circle around the individuals who have seen this experience. Too numerous to count are the instances of those persons who had severely doubted or even criticized Johrei who, in a complete change of mental state, become ashamed of their previous attitude, or of hard-headed atheists who have come to bow their heads in respect and admit that they have been bested. In spite of how much these actual experiences are personally described, some listeners are not easily persuaded which we always find regrettable. The usual response is along the lines that if there were such a simple method for curing serious diseases, doctors and medicines should not be needed to which we reply that they are entirely correct, that not only are doctors and medicines unnecessary, but rather that it would be better if doctors and medicines did not exist at all. Here I will write about the fundamental reasons for this assertion, and my followers as well should be well aware of these points, so I excerpt as much as necessary from the book I am presently writing, Creation of Civilization, to explain these reasons.

From the Inorganic to the Organic

     As described in the preceding chapter, “Spirit Precedes the Physical,” the true essence of disease is clouds on the spirit, and what this means is that the living organisms that are pathogens, that is, germs, generate from these clouds. I will now explain step by step this process of generation. As I have already shown, on the human spirit, which in the beginning is a transparent body, from two causes generate opaque bodies, that is, clouds. These clouds are reflected on the physical body, and as time passes, grow to a density from which germs generate. Clouds, like the clouds that pass by in the skies above, are an amalgamation of the spirit of water [hydrogen] and when the clouds thicken to a certain degree, super infinitesimal particles of unimaginable tiny size generate naturally. In particular, the favorable conditions of the temperature of the human body encourage the generation process. This process is a good illustration of something coming from nothing. These infinitesimal particles are so tiny and limitless that they are beyond description in human language. Like the wide sky above that is limitlessly large, these particles are the opposite in that they are limitlessly small. This is a cosmological truth that when comprehended makes it possible in due course to understand the principles of pathogenic generation.
     The limitlessly small particles described above generate in human clouds and gradually grow. When these particles have developed to a certain degree, an infinite number of individualized infinitesimal particles are born. Each of these individual particles possesses life and to a certain degree, motion, so at this stage these particles could essentially be called vegetable matter, one form of bacteria. As time advances, gradually these particles grow and metamorphose into animal matter. In other words, inorganic matter becomes organic matter. It is these metamorphosed organic particles that are the eggs of germs, as it were, and these eggs gradually develop and finally turn into the early phases of germs. At this stage, however, bacteria are still not visible under a microscope, and these are what are known as viruses. The germs that have become living organisms require food, and they start to eat each other, an example of a natural principle of organisms, the strong feeding upon the weak, like the struggle for existence in human society. Of course, among the germs appear those that are strong, the weaker are culled, and the strong grow larger. As it is these strong germs which compose the matured and grown germs that can be captured and shown by a microscope, it is to the germs at this stage to which I am referring when I say that the bacteria that become pathogenic are the largest of all the germs.
     From the outline above, it can be seen that the fundamental origin of disease is entirely clouds on the spirit which are equivalent to the inorganic substances that are the origin of germs. Therefore, extinguishing clouds on the spirit is how the generation of disease is eliminated. Not possible is any other way to fundamentally resolve the misery of disease. However, as I have repeatedly pointed out, contemporary medical science not having even discovered clouds on the spirit could, frankly speaking, well be said to be extremely infantile.

     I am sure that the preceding excerpt has allowed for an awareness and understanding of the true essence of pathogenesis, the origin of disease, so now I take up the second topic of the essay’s title, the principle of Johrei. Because, as described previously, clouds on the spirit are decidedly the origin of disease, there is no other way to heal disease than to eliminate the clouds on the spirit. As contemporary medical science takes as its main purpose the extermination of germs, it is not fundamental but nothing more than a form of deficient, incomplete therapy. Contrary to medical science’s flawed therapies, it can surely be comprehended that our spiritual healing is thorough and effective because our spiritual healing technique eliminates clouds on the spirit so as not to allow germs to generate and grow. Painful it is indeed, therefore, to watch the tragedy as the low level of medical science, although generally considered to be the highest, wastes large amounts of the nation’s expenditures and confounds medical professionals while the people of the nation continue to be filled with fear and trepidation.
     As can be understood from the above explanation, the method that is able to eliminate clouds on the spirit which are the source of germs is the key to solving the problem of disease. I declare that there is absolutely no other method that provides this key. The method that eliminates clouds on the spirit is the Johrei therapy of World Messianity which continues to present astonishing results. Johrei is thus both religion and science, an amazing therapy never before seen in history, so without a doubt people nowadays find Johrei extremely difficult to comprehend, but when this essay is read carefully and with an open mind, Johrei should not be found incomprehensible.
     The substance of clouds on the spirit is the spirit of water [hydrogen]. Hydrogen [spirit of water] is known and spoken of in general terms, but there are pure varieties and there are impure varieties. What we commonly think of as hydrogen [spirit of water] is pure, but the hydrogen [spirit of water] that constitutes clouds on the spirit includes impure substances. It is these very impure substances which are a kind of bacteria that could be called the predecessors of germs, and the power or energy that exterminates these bacteria is spirit of fire. From the world of academic learning has come to exist the word hydrogen [spirit of water], and the phrase “spirit of fire” rarely appears, but if there is spirit of water [hydrogen], it is only natural that there would exist spirit of fire.
     The spirit of fire possesses wonderful power, since, as described above, it incinerates away the origin of germs. When I use the phrase “spirit of fire,” I am indeed talking about the actual spirit of a physical fire. Fire has both spiritual and physical aspects. Generally, the spirit of fire in its physical aspects is the power to dry, referring only to the process of transmitting heat through the air. The energy that incinerates the origin of germs, however, is a special kind of spiritual fire, so when radiated, the impure substances in the spirit of water are dissolved instantly and the toxic portions, annihilated. Johrei therapy is what we call the radiating of this spirit of fire, so the foundation for germs is removed, only the pure spirit of water remains, and the impure spirit of water is absorbed as serum. On this point, however, the issue that deserves attention is that the illustration above is one in which the amount of toxic elements is small, but in instances of large amounts, these impure elements become solidified into substances such as phlegm, nasal mucous, diarrhea, and so forth and are expelled outside the body. The actual physical form of administering Johrei is a gentle waving of the hand over the affected regions of the patient, and it is from the palm of this hand that is radiated the unique spirit of fire. How this unique spirit of fire comes from the hand of the practitioner I will now explain.
     To become a Johrei practitioner, one becomes a follower of World Messianity upon which a packet is presented to wear on the breast around the neck, a packet that contains a large sheet of paper on which I have written the ideogram for “light” that subsequently has been folded to size. This packet, a focal point, is the only article necessary to emit from the palm of the hand the unique spirit of fire, a mystery that is no way comprehensible within the limits of human knowledge. The spirit of fire that is emanated from this ideogram which I have written has the power to cure illness, so there is probably no other way to describe this process than to say it is a wonder upon a wonder. The results of this healing power are facts without any speck of exaggeration, so even the most hardened materialist will find it impossible not to believe. Let me give a complete explanation of how such a miraculous, mysterious power is emited from a single written ideogram.
     But having come this far, further explanation will be impossible without an understanding of the religious aspects, and since atheists will find these difficult to accept, I would hope the following be read with an open mind completely free of preconceived ideas. Many times I had the idea of putting this subject down to paper, but it is so mysterious that I thought that anyone apart from one of my followers would have found it totally incomprehensible. Rather, this religious commentary could easily be taken as superstitious, so I did not attempt to write about it, but these days it appears that perception of myself and of World Messianity has deepened considerably, so I decided to introduce the subject.
     To begin, I must write about myself. I have been given the great task of leading under the divine economy of the most Almighty God the salvation of all humanity at this time of the end of the world and the construction of paradise on earth, a world completely free of disease, poverty, conflict for which project God has bestowed upon me a great power of salvation. This power of salvation is the solution to the problem of disease that is central for eliminating from the world disease, poverty, conflict. To accomplish this goal, I have been bestowed with wisdom and power. Wisdom is the clarification of the fallacies of medical science, the pathology of diseases, and other matters that I have been teaching. Power is the energy to heal disease through the channeling of Johrei. To expand upon the task of healing, the written ideogram in the focal point packet that my followers wear on their breasts is connected to me through the spiritual cord, and through the spiritual cord, the spiritual light that I wield is continually transmitted. This light is radiated from the focal point through the physical body of the practitioner and finally from the palm of his or her hand. To put it briefly, I heal sick individuals indirectly through the medium of those who possess the focal point.
     The origin of this healing power is, as I have already mentioned on several previous occasions, the sphere of light situated in my abdomen. For a certain while, this sphere manifested only the normal power of a spiritual sphere, but last year [1950] on June fifteenth, this sphere became what has since ancient times been known in Japan as the Mani Jewel, or the jewel of Iotsumi Sumaru, or in Sanskrit as Cintāmaṇi. The equivalents of “sphere,” “jewel,” and “soul” in Japanese are homonyms that manifest the same spirit of language and refer to the same phenomenon. On June 15, 1950, this soul descended from heaven and lodged in my abdomen while I was in the detention house of the Takihara Police Station in Shizuoka Prefecture. After my release, I announced this event to my followers in a very perfunctory manner, but actually the lodging of this spirit within my abdomen is what I called the fruition of my mission. This spirit has gradually developed, and day by day, month by month, the power of this spirit strengthens. My followers understand this very well because they have been able to see that since that time particularly the power of Johrei has intensified.
     At the present time, unfortunately, I cannot go into the details concerning this divine spirit, but when the time arrives, I do intend to announce the name. Readers can probably work it out for themselves when the prophecies of Shakyamuni, Jesus, as well as those of many saints are carefully considered. 

Chijōtengoku, Issue 27, August 25, 1951, page 5
translated by cynndd

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“Byōgen to Jōrei no Genri,” published originally on page 5 of Chijōtengoku, Issue 27, August 25, 1951, and later, while Meishu-sama still alive, reprinted in the essays anthology for ministers Goshinsho: Shūkyō-hen (Divine Writings: Volume on Religion), March 25, 1954, page 173, has, as far as is known, not appeared in translation.