Great Construction

The Extent of the Progress of
Contemporary Medical Science

     I will describe what I imagine will happen if contemporary medical science continues to advance as it has so far developed, but if the reader knows that disease is purification and that medical treatment is the suppression of purification, anticipating what I have to say will not be impossible. Those who do not know these truths, however, will be greatly astonished upon reading for the first time what I write. In its treatment of disease, the more medical science suppresses the purifying function of the human body as it does now, the more disease ceases to occur, so the cessation of the disease is mistakenly taken to be the progress of medical science, but as long as development and advancement of the suppressive method of healing is carried out, such efforts will ultimately lead to reverse results, and the only natural outcome will be the increase of the number of human beings with feeble purifying ability. Everyone will come to have weak health and society will consist of passively healthy individuals. I will give two examples to make this point easier to understand.
     The following is a phenomenon that has been discovered only recently, but the weaker the physical constitution of a child, the more likely it would seem for the child to contract tuberculosis, but the truth is actually the opposite. The tendency of weakened children to not be prone to tuberculosis occurs less often in civilized nations that have high rates of infectious disease but is seen more frequently in the peoples of lower-level cultures as well as among the lower classes. According to the discovery, the former is composed of children of feeble health who should not be contracting disease and the latter are healthy individuals who are likely to contract a disease. In which case, the standard interpretation is indeed peculiar. What is there to say?
     Such is how medical science creates so many individuals who are only able to enjoy pseudo-health. To ponder on what will be the result if the present conditions continue, allow me to offer an example here. The more the prescriptions of medical hygiene are scrupulously adhered to, the weaker the individuals, and because these individuals are weaker, they probably cannot but follow these prescriptions. If you carefully note the rapidly growing number of pseudo-healthy individuals, the peculiar phenomenon can be observed that cases of sickness among the pseudo-healthy decline and that the number of individuals who live longer increase. Recently, in both the United States and in Japan, longevity has increased which has been attributed to the progress of medical sciences. Such assertions are made because the reason mentioned above is not understood, and from our perspective, this trend is the source of much anxiety. If this situation does continue, the number of passively healthy people in civilized nations will gradually increase which will ultimately give rise to grave results. This is not my own determination. One will agree just by looking at the situation in the United Kingdom and France. The recent lack of vitality in these two peoples is quite noticeable. They seem to crave idleness and the energetic characteristics of former times is in decline. The recent trends in the sports world of the United States show the same tendency where in boxing and in other sports, Negroes display a strength that arises greatly above others. Quite recently in Japan as well a similar trend has started to be observed so it is probably the basis for a great amount of prudence and caution.
     Above I have written about the truth of the progress of contemporary medical science, but at its extreme extent, the fate of civilized peoples is grave. Indeed, the number of sick persons is decreasing, but at the same time, the vitality of human beings in general is weakening, and it is inevitable that the number of young people who resemble old people will increase. There will be a temporary lengthening of the life span, but when this period is over, a grave situation will arise because the life span will gradually shorten. Moreover, this shortened life span will differ fundamentally from that of today in that there will be no possibility for recovery and a large part of the population will consist of individuals who are living only and doing nothing else. Of course, at this point, technological aspects of civilization will be developed to their utmost, so it will be a convenient society, and this situation will spur still further the medical conditions. As a result of this deterioration, the uncivilized peoples who until that time had been on the lower rungs of the social order will tend to rise. This will probably be the beginning of the replacement of civilization by barbarism. This in itself will be a great crisis for the civilized peoples, but by the time circumstances reach this point, it will be too late to do anything regardless of how rattled people may become.
     Individuals must awaken now to the mistakes of contemporary medical science, and a true method of healing that can create human beings of active health must be implemented. There is no need to be pessimistic about the situation. God’s great love is seeking to prevent such an occurrence beforehand. To me has been shown through revelation the principles of true healing and the technique for healing disease. Wonderful results are now being presented. For this reason, when every doctor and all the peoples of the world finally come to understand these principles will it be the salvation of untold millions, and I cannot but advise that the sooner each individual comes to me and knocks at the gate of happiness, the sooner they can avoid the approaching danger.

Eikô, Issue 121, September 12, 1951
translated by cynndd