Great Construction

Those Who Would Commit Evil Acts Are Diseased

     Probably all will shake their heads in doubt when they see my title. Why this should be is because even among those individuals who do or would do evil are many who seem to be in perfect physical health. Indeed, those prone to evil are more likely to be in this category. Such an impression results from observing the surface of the individual, but inside, that is, the spirit, is definitely diseased. Such is because, as I continually assert, an evil individual, one who would commit evil, is one who is being possessed by an evil spirit. The primary spirit is confined and the guardian spirit is pushed away. In essence, a great portion of the affected individual’s spirit is occupied, that is, is controlled, and because the evil spirit itself becomes the main actor in the person’s life, it is able to do whatever it likes.
     The controlling evil spirit is that of an animal, as for example that of a fox, raccoon, dragon, or other such beast, so its deeds and behavior do not much differ from that of animals in the physical world. Therefore, these spirits not only act in merciless and cruel ways far beyond what normal human beings would do, rather these evil spirits find it fun to do so, so it can be understood that the individual thus controlled is quite estranged from the human family and will think and do things quite removed from common sense.
     Having said this, it is as I teach that every human being has a secondary spirit, that is, an animal spirit which possesses the individual from birth. Secondary spirits are unavoidable for the physical survival of human beings. Because physical desires are necessary for individuals, God permits their existence. However, when an individual performs an evil deed, there are instances when a new animal spirit has possessed and then again there are those cases in which the individual’s secondary spirit has manifested its intrinsic characteristics. So, why does either one of these situations come about? It happens because cloud forms on the spirit of the human being, and as cloud thickens, an animal spirit corresponding to the degree and level of that cloudy condition possesses, and, as described above, the primary spirit of the human being is overwhelmed, so the person comes under the complete control of the animal spirit and acts accordingly.
     The reason an individual performs evil acts is cloud on the spirit, and because the blood of the physical human being becomes polluted in proportion to the cloud on that spirit, so comes the day when a strong purifying function generates. At such times pain and suffering at the level of the amount of cloud occurs which is the cause of unexpected disasters, sickness, and other such misfortune. One intriguing aspect in this regard is that it is often said that persons of great evil who come to have even a little feeling of repentance and start to follow the Buddha mind, that is, become merciful and compassionate, soon find their evil deeds exposed and are apprehended. Such a course occurs because purification has started. Sayings such as the proverb “When evil prospers and wins over heaven, heaven will judge and prevail over human beings,” have this significance. In other words, as clouds accumulate on the human heart, that they are purified through suffering is due to heavenly punishment.
     When understood in this way, from our perspective the reason individuals become evil is cloud on the spirit which is the precise definition of someone afflicted with disease, a sick person. Obviously the greater the evil of the individual, the stronger is the purification and the more serious will be the condition of the diseased person which will be accompanied by much suffering and pain. Still, the fact that cloud forms on the spirit is because the primary spirit lacks power, that is, light. Maintaining the power of the primary spirit must be through religion. Thus, when an individual enters a faith and constantly prays to and seeks God’s guidance, light will be infused into the individual’s soul through the spiritual cord. Because light increases, cloud decreases, so either the animalistic spirit suffers and immediately leaves the place it has been occupying, or else the secondary spirit that was attached to the human being from the beginning shrinks in size. Evil becomes impossible to commit. As can be understood from this principle, there is the danger that those who do not put their hands together in prayer to God, at some time through some sort of occasion can become capable of evil, so it would be fair to say that to be without faith is hazardous. The fact that there are many such hazardous members of contemporary society can probably be understood from the preceding explanation.
     The fact that social evil does not decrease in the least also stems from the same reason. Therefore, as virtuous individuals may seem at one moment, as long as they do not have faith, they are not virtuous to the core but are only virtuous individuals who have the propensity for evil, so those without faith are not to be depended upon unconditionally. In former times, to say “when you look at people, think of them as thieves” was probably to refer to those without faith. Because the elites and government authorities nowadays do not at all comprehend even such simple logic, religion is denied and the law alone is relied upon to eliminate evil, so it is probably understandable why the current situation is so mistaken.

 Eikô, Issue 131, November 21, 1951
translated by cynndd

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