Great Construction

Thwarting Those Who Would Do Evil

     Those who see this title will probably find it most peculiar, but I think the phrasing most apt. What I mean is that in this world there are so many ne’er-do-wells who have tried to deceive me, who have tried to put one over on me, and because I am a man of religion, one who seems like a good person (not “seems”; I am completely good), one who appears like a Buddhist saint, they think they can underestimate me.
     These sorts of cunning, evil devils scheme in big ways. And it is not only these types, there are also those in rather high social positions, rather impudent and aggressive, who use these attitudes to try to fill me with all sorts of wild ideas, and at first I let them think they are winning me over. I do not act in any special way and respond seriously in an all-too common manner, so they do not perceive my attitude, get carried away, and move in to pounce. But I hold on tightly to the essential vital point, letting the other party think they are having their way. They try various stratagems, but nothing seems to work out. They seem to want to give up, but they do not. On the contrary, they think that ole rascal Okada seems to be in a fix, so he will probably offer a compromise. They wait for it, but I keep calm, pay them no mind, and because I appear to keep an unconcerned air, they are at a loss as to what to do. When they have used up the money they had budgeted to try and swindle me, their position gradually becomes disadvantageous, and the more they panic, the more their situation worsens. It most often happens that it is they who get to their wits’ end.
     And then, there are those shrewd, wily customers who skillfully use tricks to get money out of me, devising various stratagems, stubbornly and persistently using one means or another. These people think that World Messianity has a lot of money, that since its representative is treated as a living god, he is probably ignorant to the ways of the world, so we should be able to get some money out of him. And even if they have to suffer a little bit of a loss, they think I will give in to avoid trouble, not wanting to tie up large amounts of money in court proceedings. But I can see all the way through to the bottoms of their hearts, so outwitting them and countering their attacks, these ne’er-do-wells realize they have bitten off more than they can chew, are not able to do anything, and since all that they have accumulated is a lot of pain and loss, they are nothing but pitiful.
     For me to write this way, the reader may think I do not fit the image of a man of religion, that I am completely without compassion, but from God’s perspective, this stance is quite all right. God’s intention, God’s will is to help good at all cost but there is not one bit of forgiveness for evil. This is also something that I always state. When I say we must prevail over evil, I am referring to instances such as these. On the opposite side of things, it also means that someone may be good but of no use. It is said that for evil persons, crafty persons, reputations are the deciding factor. Actually, I believe I am just as crafty, even twice as crafty as a crafty person. This deportment is that of a true person of good, and without such a characteristic, a bad world cannot be made into a good one. Thus, it is my policy to thoroughly thwart the truly evil persons of this world because I believe that should be the way a man of religion worthy of the name should act.

Eikō, Issue 144, February 20, 1952
translated by cynndd

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“Akunin o Hineru,” which originally was published in Eikō, Issue 144, February 20, 1952, and later while Meishu-sama still alive, reprinted in the essays anthology for ministers Goshinsho: Shūkyō-hen (Divine Writings: Volume on Religion), March 25, 1954, page 33, has previously appeared in translation. Citation is given below for reference.

“How I Thwart Evildoers,” Foundation of Paradise, 1984, page 172.