Great Construction

God Regulates Growth

     This is something that every follower thinks, and that is that there is probably no religion as wonderful as World Messianity. One after another recover those with serious and intractable conditions who could not be helped by so-called advanced medical science. Greatly-appreciated miracles of various kinds continually manifest themselves. Whole families are saved and the households become paradises. World Messianity is something so great, unheard of, certainly not seen before, so all followers most likely feel deeply the need to share with as many people as possible, that others may come to enjoy the same state of contentment and peace of mind as they.
     Among these followers are those who, restless go too far, zealously recommending and pushing World Messianity on their relatives, acquaintances, and friends. There are few people who believe as is what is explained to them, and so many followers fret that there must be something wrong in the way they explain World Messianity, or else worry that they have not obtained God’s favor, or that that they have too much sin. Then again, there are those such as the heads of branch churches who because they think growth is not going as well as they think it should, believe that that reason must be somewhere, they want to know why, and I do hear of individuals who anguish over this issue. This anguish is not unreasonable, and I would like to address this issue based on my experience.
     When I first began this work, it was not as a religion but as a therapeutic treatment, so not only did the public not take us seriously, even the same as now when we talked about the difference between medical science and our therapy and stated that medicines were poisons, our very sanity was doubted. Not to mention that it was unavoidably dangerous because the police soon called us in for questioning when even the slightest suggestion of criticism of medical science was made. It was through difficulties like these that we passed to be here today, so these experiences were the basis, the foundation of our growth. To give the topic careful thought, there is probably no business or profession where it is possible to become fully-fledged in three to five years. Whatever profession, the general rule is that it takes ten or more years which observation of the world in general clearly shows. Despite this, when individuals take the introductory course of World Messianity, they might think that within a year they can obtain the grand title of “reverend” and come to enjoy a substantial income, so there is not a more wonderful blessing. These attitudes deserve examination.
     World Messianity is constructing paradise on earth, so what all followers must first do is make their own homes a paradise. Basically, this means that the follower’s own heart, mind must become a paradise. Paradise of the heart is the condition of no suffering. In that sense, to be anxious and force matters is to suffer. The suffering of anguishing about how matters do not go as you want is hell. One must at least extricate oneself from suffering. The best way to eliminate suffering is through appreciation, which is to say, not make a hell within your own heart. What must be kept in mind here is that religions have traditionally interpreted suffering as a good thing. There are even some religions that go out of their way to look for suffering. When observed from history, even the great world religion of Christianity was established mostly by suffering. Such facts and attitudes are in the minds of members of the general public, so even after individuals take the introductory course of World Messianity, such thinking dogs them, and they cannot get rid of it.
     Until now, the world has been in the world of night, which is to say, a world of hell, so no matter how tremendous a faith the individual had, extricating oneself from the suffering of hell was not possible. The end of night is coming, however, and we are now at a time when the turn to the daylight world is starting. Moreover, World Messianity is the director of constructing paradise on earth, so, as previously described, within oneself a hell must not be created; heaven must be constructed in the heart.

Eikō, Issue 147, March 12, 1952
translated by cynndd

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“Kamisama ga Hatten no Chōsetsu,” published originally on side A1, the front page of Eikō, Issue 147 on March 12, 1952, and later reprinted, while Meishu-sama still alive, in the anthology Goshinsho: Shūkyō-hen (Divine Writings: Volume on Religion), page 93, March 25, 1954, has appeared in translation. Citation is given below for reference.

“Create Paradise Within Yourself,” Teachings of Meishu-sama, Volume Three, 2005, page 45.