Great Construction

God and Man as One

     The concept of God and man together as one has been around since antiquity, but I do believe there has never before been such a human being. Yes, each of the three great sacred ones, Shakyamuni, Christ, and Mohammed, were seen to be as one with God, but actually these three were transmitters of divine will, or in other terms, agents of God. Thus, peoples of the world did not distinguish between being one with God and being an agent of God. Because channels of God either act according to divine will or are divinely possessed, they are always praying to God or to the Buddha to receive guidance.
     I do not do any of these things. As my followers know, I do not pray to nor do I ask direction of God. It is only necessary that I carry out what comes to my mind. It is very simple. As there is no precedent for my way of conducting God’s work, it may be thought to be strange, so allow me here to share the points that I am allowed about the way I work. As I have explained on many occasions, within my abdomen is a ball of light. Because this ball of light is the soul of the highest level of divinity, all that I say and do is the act of God, using me freely and flexibly. In other words, within my being there is no distinction between God and man, truly an example of God and man together as one.
     Therefore, because the divine spirit within me is of the highest divine level, there is no deity in this world of a higher level, so there is no reason for me to bow before any other being. Of the reasons for my doing so, more than anything else are the miracles that my followers demonstrate daily. These miracles are of a level considerably above those performed by Christ, and even my disciples are continually manifesting miracles in no way inferior to those of Christ, so just this one point alone should be enough to allow the reader to imagine my position.
     One point that should be made here is that holy persons until now have prophesied that in the future a paradisical world would be realized, but the fact that they did not say they would construct it themselves was because their level of divinity was low and they did not possess enough energy or power to do so. The fact that I have declared that I will construct a paradise on earth free of disease, poverty, conflict accords with the reasons given above. And such is the reason why henceforth I will conduct aspects of divine economy on many astonishing fronts, which I want all to witness. I will be able to rapidly perform that which is beyond human conception.

Eikô, Issue 155, May 7, 1952
translated by cynndd

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