Great Construction

The Word “Purification”

     In World Messianity, sickness and disease are referred to as purification, and I do believe there is probably no other word as good. The word “purification” is good because it does not represent a falsehood, it is true. First of all, the feeling this word imparts is very pleasant. Contrary to this, words such as “sickness” and “disease” could not be more disagreeable and unpleasant. But words such as  “sickness” and “disease” are not altogether wrong since it is not known why sickness and disease are so beneficial, and thus affected people worry excessively. In other words, sicken and afflict their spirit.
     The contrast between these two attitudes is to be observed when my followers gather. Some of the things you hear them say are that such as “I am really lucky to have purification,” and “Thanks to purification, recently I have physically felt a lot better,” and “I am really thankful for purification,” truly refreshing and pleasant sentiments.
     One point to mention here is the group of words such as “hospital,” “clinic” and “infirmary.” I do think these words are quite disagreeable, but actually, they are not wrong either, because sickness and disease are not healed and persist. If we were to construct such a building for our activities and give it a name, it might appropriately be called a “purification institute,” but when human beings come to the point where medicines are not used anymore, sickness and disease can be easily healed at home, so there is no need to construct such a place.

Eikō, Issue 157, May 21, 1952
translated by cynndd

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