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Regarding Cancer

     The letter from Mr. Bunji Tatematsu now in the United States which was carried in the previous issue of this newspaper stated that at present the disease most feared by Americans is cancer. I will discuss the cause of cancer and it is extremely simple: the accumulation of toxin from ingested meat products, as can be seen in the fact that cancer does not affect young people; it occurs in the middle-aged and above. Therefore, in order to avoid cancer, consuming primarily a vegetable diet is sufficient. I have written on this subject before, but a diet that is half meat, half vegetable is most appropriate for human beings. The reason being that a meat diet has a yang or positive property and a vegetable diet, a yin or negative one, so to favor one over the other is to stray from natural law. Therefore, if one were to come down with cancer, to switch immediately to a vegetarian diet, even though recovery takes a long time, healing will take place.
     At this point, however, a warning: when diagnosed with cancer, if that such as pharmaceuticals or radium therapy is administered, rather, it is guaranteed that recovery will not take place. Thus, when no sort of medical therapy is undertaken, there is no worry because recovery will occur.
     To describe other diseases as well, the U.S. has been plagued by infantile paralysis for a while now, but what is prevalent in the U.S. is pseudo infantile paralysis, and its cause is the medicinal toxin from injections and other therapies that have solidified in the legs of the afflicted. There is no other way to heal infantile paralysis than Johrei. At present receiving Johrei in the U.S. is impossible, but if the condition is left to nature, a partial recovery is possible through natural purification. Because these facts are not known, the condition is aggravated with medical treatment, and the patient becomes incurable for life.
     Next I would like to mention tuberculosis. I will soon be publishing and distributing in the U.S. the book Kekkaku Shinkō Ryōhō (Treatment of Tuberculosis Through Faith Healing), and if this volume is read, one can be saved. Fortunately, Americans are a progressive people, and as long as they do not adhere to old theories and concepts, Johrei will be recognized surprisingly quickly.

Eikō, Issue 158, page 1, May 28, 1952
translated by cynndd

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“Ganbyō ni Tsuite” was one of two of Meishu-sama’s essays and two columns that were published on the front page of Eikō, Issue 158 on May 28, 1952. “Ganbyō ni Tsuite” was at the bottom of the page. Although no translations are known to exist, this essay was reprinted in the anthology Igaku Kankei Goronbun Shū (Collected Essays on Medical Science) that did enjoy a limited circulation. Igaku Kankei Goronbun Shū contains no publication data, but internal evidence suggests that its editing stopped several months preceding Meishu-sama’s death. Furthermore, since the book lacks publication data, whether the volume had Meishu-sama’s imprimatur or not is unknown, so details concerning this volume are probably impossible to research.