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Salvation for Americans, What Is Disease?

     I am presently writing the book indicated in the title, and I thought that the following, which is one part of that book, would be of value, so I decided to run it here.

What Is Disease?
     In this chapter I will explain from the fundamentals why incidences and varieties of sickness and disease are gradually increasing as described in the preface. To begin will be addressed the cause for the generation of disease. It may sound astounding, but sickness and disease are created by medical treatment. The truth is that pharmaceuticals in particular play the chief role in the creation of disease. Indeed, the very methods and techniques that were supposed to cure sickness and reduce the number of ill persons, instead rather, is an incredible fallacy that makes recovery impossible and increases the number of sick persons and the amount of disease. Notwithstanding the fact that this great fallacy is so obvious as to not require explanation, it has not been perceived which makes it fair to say that that this lack of awareness is the riddle of the twentieth century. But the fallacy is even greater: increasingly medical science is trusted and firm is the belief that if medical science could be developed further, the whole problem of sickness and disease would be solved. The incomprehensible cause for this fallacy is that the point of departure for medical science is completely backwards, that illness and disease are taken to be bad, unwanted conditions. The point of departure for my thorough explanation will start with this basic misunderstanding on the part of medical science.
     To begin, from the time of birth, each human being possesses without exception both congenital and post-congenital toxins. Congenital toxins are those inherited from parents, and post-congenital toxins are those ingested after the moment of birth. Having said this, most everyone will think this bizarre. The concepts that medicines cure disease and that they contribute to health have become conventional wisdom, and it is believed that if the right medicines could be created, disease would be eliminated. These concepts have become and continue to be the main focus of medical treatment. Particularly in the United States, great emphasis is placed on pharmaceuticals. All are familiar with the great efforts put into the discovery of new drugs. In which case, if drugs and pharmaceuticals were actually able to cure sickness and disease, disease should be decreasing but rather disease is increasing which can only be the most illogical outcome imaginable. Essentially, on this planet there is no substance as what is called “medicine.” All that is referred to and considered “medicine” contains to various degrees poisonous substances. Medicines are effective because they are poisonous. What I mean by this statement is that the activity stimulated by the poison contained in medicine reduces the symptoms of the illness or disease, so it seems as though the condition is cured, but actually a cure has not been effected.
     To address the question of why medicines are poisonous, at the same time that human beings were fashioned by the Creator, also prepared in order to maintain human life were foodstuffs. Among the varieties prepared was also distinguished those items that were to be eaten by human beings and those that were not meant to be ingested by the human being. That which could be eaten was provided with flavor, for which human beings were given the sense of taste so they could enjoy what they wanted to eat and it was also formulated that from these substances the human body could obtain the nutrition it needed. To think about this fact alone should be enough for appreciation of the meticulousness of the Creator. In this sense, human beings do not eat to live, but rather, human beings can live through the act of ingesting foodstuffs. Eating may be compared to procreation. Sexual union is performed for a separate purpose, and a child is coincidentally bestowed, a phenomenon at the height of mystery.
     Because the internal functions of the human body as described above are such that any foreign substance not designated as a foodstuff cannot be completely processed, and since medicines and drugs are foreign substances, only nutrients that are included in the ingestible substances are absorbed, and everything else remains within the body. The unabsorbed substances are toxins. To further complicate matters, toxins accumulate in every part of the body, and as time passes, solidify or harden. Toxins collect in areas where the nerves receive the most use. These are of course areas in the upper part of the body, particularly from the neck up, and it is in the eyes, ears, nose, mouth with particular emphasis on the brain, that toxins gather, so on their way to these areas they first solidify in areas around the neck. Almost all individuals can probably be found to have solidified areas around the neck and in the shoulders. We perceive these solidified toxins as stiffness, and when this condition has advanced to a certain degree, a natural eliminating function, what we call a purifying activity, will generate. In the purification process, toxins are dissolved through fever and eliminated in liquid form as coughing, phlegm, nasal mucous, sweat, diarrhea, burning urine, and so on. These are all results of what is referred to as the common cold.
     Therefore, as the common cold is a process for eliminating toxins in the body, if the suffering is tolerated and nature allowed to take its course, elimination will proceed smoothly, the body will be cleansed and purified internally, and the individual will recover and be healthy, a truly superb process. The common cold is a simple physiological process. The common cold is God’s dispensation, so it should be greatly valued and appreciated. In spite of which, not perceived as such by human beings, the pain and suffering accompanied by the purification process are interpreted to be bad, and medical science and its treatments exemplify the efforts to halt the purification process. Thus can be understood how mistaken medical science is. Furthermore, the more vigorous the vitality of the individual, the more likely is to be generated the purification process, so to halt this purifying activity is to weaken that individual’s vitality. It is the poison with the name “medicine” that halts the purifying process. Since antiquity, such substances as grasses, roots, leaves, bark, minerals, and the internal organs of animals have been extracted, infused, powdered, and used in liquid medicines, pills, compresses, injections, and vaccines in various forms that have been applied to halt the purification process. If poison is too strong, it will threaten life, so the poisonous substances are diluted and given in very small amounts. For this reason, dosages are apportioned in various degrees, for each day or for throughout the day. The medicine that is the most efficacious is that in which the strength of the poison has been weakened just enough not to cause poisoning.
     Through the ingestion of pharmaceuticals, medicinal toxins came to solidify the internal toxins that were in the process of being dissolved and eliminated, so human beings today have truly become toxin carriers, and illness breaks out more frequently these days because recently preventative hygiene has come to be promoted which is also why the common cold is now so held in dread. Another aspect to the effects of toxins is that of the human life span in which the average has come to be over sixty years which everyone celebrates, but this celebration is also mistaken. Without illness, human beings should easily be able to live over a hundred years, so to die not having lived at least a hundred years is to die an unnatural death due to illness or disease To live without illness and be able to pass away naturally, it is only a matter of course that a long life may be lived. As described above, medical treatment does not cure, it is a method for alleviating pain and suffering only temporarily for which it requires such measures as absolute rest, wet compresses and packs, ointments, cooling, electricity and radiation therapy, and these are only therapies that harden, solidify. Of the misguided therapies, the only ones that differ are moxibustion and hyperthermia therapy. But these as well only temporarily relieve the pain by using the stimulus of heat to draw the toxins to the point of application, and with the passage of time, the condition returns to the same as before without anything toward a cure having been accomplished. There is a therapy for destroying cancer with radiation, and this therapy would be excellent if it destroyed only the cancer, but in truth the surrounding tissue is also destroyed, so, on the balance, the positive points are outweighed by the negative.
     As outlined above, to date all treatments worthy of the name “treatment” are entirely methods that harden and solidity. There is no other way to truly cure than to dissolve and eliminate toxins. This is only too apparent from the fact that doctors do not speak of “curing” but of “mitigating” and “alleviating,” and “lessening” conditions. And, the most effective means of alleviating a condition and solidifying toxins are medicines. The medicines used to solidify toxins create the sources for disease, so the more therapy is applied, the more likely it is for complications to occur. It is a natural reaction that the condition deteriorates. Ultimately, life itself is threatened. In this regard is the following fact. In an earnest effort to cure, the more expensive and precious the medicine used, the worse the results. On the other hand, that those patients for whom there is no special concern heal quickly is something I often hear doctors say. Also, the facts that the less careful and the more indifferent individuals are to hygiene, the more healthy they are, and that the family members of doctors and nurses in hospitals are polypathic is something often talked about. Interestingly, when that rare individual unusually healthy or long-lived is asked about their secret, the answer will be along the lines of “I have never been sick, so I have had no use for doctors or medicines.” From our perspective, that they have not used doctors or medicines is why they are healthy, and because they are healthy, they do not need doctors or medicines. This is a point that greatly deserves appreciation.

Eikō, Issue 179, October 22, 1952
translated by cynndd