Great Construction

The Last Judgment (Chijōtengoku 42)

     In clear and simple terms, the last judgment as foretold by Christ is thought to be something that will occur suddenly in which those without faith will perish and those with faith will be saved. It could be said that it will not happen that way, but it could be said that it will. Such a pronouncement is extremely vague and evasive, but there is a reason why it is so. That reason is, that with the workings of God from now on, if there are large numbers of individuals who repent and reform, then there will be no need for drastic measures, but if there are not that many who do repent, unavoidably there will be exhaustive and meticulous judgment. However the last judgment may unfold is up to human beings.
     It is for this reason that God urges repentance and reform in the most gentle methods possible with a minimal amount of suffering, so the depth of love and compassion is surely recognizable. In the light of these circumstances, of all the sin committed and impurities formed by humanity to date, the greatest ones are the errors of medical science. Therefore, having people deeply understand this point and repent is the fundamental for the salvation of the world, so I continue my utmost efforts toward this goal. As I always teach, what has been referred to as the sins and evil of human beings are the cause of the diseases of both spirit and body, so the goal is to heal sickness and disease as well as to ensure malady does not strike again, and to create healthy human beings. This is the only way sins and impurities will be completely eliminated from human society.
     There is no other meaning to World Messianity’s motto of a world free from disease, poverty, conflict. Let me write about this in detail from a wider perspective. To begin, in our contemporary world, it is not just one human being, everywhere there is someone contracting some condition or disease. Families, societies, nations, the world, all are diseased bodies. People worry that if World War III were to break out, it would be calamitous but its cause would be a great global purification, and likewise, social unrest,  sudden rise in crime, increase of unfortunate people are also purification. Each nation experiences the continuous appearance of lamentable events such as problems in thought, economic difficulties, labor strikes, and so forth, and these are also purification of a social nature. As well, difficulties in the household, spousal quarrels and so forth are purification of the individual. It would be fair to say that there is no place on the face of the earth free from purification. Therefore, to turn our world into a fortunate place that has no need for purification, first each individual has to be healed of disease, and when this condition is understood, it will also be understood why our religion of saving the world is named World Messianity.

Chijōtengoku, Issue 42, page 5, November 25, 1952
translated by cynndd