Great Construction

Meishu-sama Speaks At Length on the
International Situation Along with Medical and
Agricultural Issues
With Shiro Takeuchi and Two Others (2)

What Will Happen to the World

Takeuchi: Do you ever make prophecies?

Meishu-sama: It is not that I do not make prophecies, but as long as there isn’t any immediate danger or anything else important, I do not say anything specific about the future since prophecies reflect on my work. In the upcoming New Year’s issue of Eikô (Issue 189), I do write on the topic of war in the form of “An Account of a Dream” where I say that two thirds of the world will probably become such-and-such, but yes I do know what will happen in the end.
     For example, regarding Chinese communism, it will be completely defeated by the United States, and Chiang Kai-shek will revive. But, it will not be Chiang Kai-shek himself who establishes order in China, but his subordinates. I have written that it will probably be the people who come after him who finally triumph.
     I know about the third world war as well, but it is still too early to speak about it so I will refrain here.

Takeuchi: But, will it actually occur?

Meishu-sama: Yes, it will probably occur.

Takeuchi: Will it occur soon?

Meishu-sama: Look for it in the next couple of years. It will most likely be a nuclear war.

Takeuchi: Will Stalin still be alive by the time that happens?

Meishu-sama: Well, he will live a while, but I cannot precisely say when he will die.
     I have just put out a book titled Salvation for Americans. When it comes to war, the United States will sustain much damage. The nation will have to be rebuilt, but I wrote that, at least as regards medical science, it is necessary to save Americans before the situation gets too bad. I intend to have this book translated into English and distributed to American politicians and medical professionals.

Kosaka: Won’t all of humanity be destroyed if a nuclear war breaks out?

Meishu-sama: No, it will just involve the U.S. and the Soviet Union, so there will not be much effect on other countries. I think Japan will be watching from the sidelines.

Kosaka: Can that kind of position be maintained?

Meishu-sama: I think so. After all, it’s a matter between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Conflict will also spread in China, but Japan will be all right. That’s because even if the Chinese communists suffer setbacks, Stalin probably won’t do anything. Stalin has other things to think about than helping the Chinese communists.
Abe: The Spiritual Leader is thus thinking about such great issues, so other smaller affairs and matters are not be a problem.

Takeuchi: Well, you’re talking about Salvation for Americans, so I can understand that.

Abe: You don’t see that in other religious organizations.

Meishu-sama: But, as I do say, we are not a religion. If human beings could be saved by religion, the peoples of the world should have been saved already since many religions have appeared up to the present.

Fundamental Revolution in Medical Science

Kosaka: The front cover of Salvation for Americans is quite something.

Abe: It does get attention even when put on the shelves of bookstores.

Kosaka: Yes, it certainly does.

Meishu-sama: I intend to present a copy to the American president and distribute it to other influential people.

Kosaka: Meishu-sama, there seems to be a peculiar illness going around Japan these days, with symptoms such as bloody noses and colds. Penicillin used to be effective but it doesn’t seem to work these days. It does appear that many diseases have come along which medical science cannot handle and that we human beings have become weaker.

Meishu-sama: This is a topic I raise constantly. But, if things go on as they do now, diseases will become even more peculiar. Bleeding through the nose when you have a cold is something that medical science says it does not understand. From our standpoint, it is nothing at all. People nowadays receive injections and take medicines, but they also continually use their heads, and the drugs they have ingested go to their heads. Medicines are poisons, so the heads of people become full of medicines. With fever, these poisons are dissolved, and the dissolved toxins come out in the blood through the nose. Medical science does not understand this function and seeks to stop the bleeding, but even if the bleeding is halted, it is only a postponement. Ultimately, the condition will worsen. In order to correct such fundamental errors in medical science, I am writing a book to be titled Book of Medical Science Revolution. Western medical science has to be completely eliminated.

Kosaka: So, the current health situation results from Western medical science flooding over all of society, doesn’t it?

Meishu-sama: Yes. You could go as far as to say that Western medical science creates diseases. In that sense, medical science has rather skillfully fashioned tuberculosis.

Kosaka: Streptomycin and other such drugs were introduced and it was said that we would not have to worry about tuberculosis any longer.

Meishu-sama: Ultimately, streptomycin and these other drugs have only postponed the timing of when the disease starts. The development of medical science amounts only to  having postponed the death of human beings. The development is only temporary, however, and in the future, conditions will become even more serious.
     With the book Salvation for Americans, I thought it would be more effective to try to persuade Americans rather than Japanese. That is because Japanese look to anything that comes from America. I wrote that the cause of all unhappiness is disease and that it is sufficient if disease is eliminated from human beings. Even on the subject of conflict and war, human beings who make war are mentally ill. So, when both spirit and body are made healthy, individuals will be terrified to take another life for the glory of war or for their own greed, and conflict in general will disappear. Average people will take pity on others and the thought of killing will not even enter their heads. The attitude that thinks nothing of taking the life of others is not human, it is beastly. Therefore, the way to the condition in which the very thought of killing does not arise is to make healthy both spirit and body. Ultimately, saving the world amounts to eliminating disease from human beings. After that, everything else will be resolved.

Abe: A related topic is that the Hochi newspaper has increased the number of its pages by two to create a family section, and its main subject is the health of human beings. I particularly would like to emphasize the aspect of “new religions and health.”

Meishu-sama: That is a very good idea. Eliminating illness means to bring it about that illness does not occur, especially to make it so that new illnesses do not arise. That is all that has to be done But nowadays it is contemporary medical science that is supposed to deal with disease, and, speaking from the results, if medical science were truly the correct thing to do, the number of sick people should decrease each year, and disease should be completely eliminated within twenty to thirty years. But the fact that the situation is not so demonstrates that contemporary medical science is not the true way to heal people.

Konishi: I read your essay about sports and in it you mentioned that blacks had become physically stronger and whites, weaker. I thought you really had made a good point. I have discussed this topic with our sports editor. We concluded that all the best sportsmen in the United States are black and that soon probably all the world records will be taken by blacks. Especially so in the combative sports, and though we did see Zatopek win the marathon in the Olympics, otherwise most of the upcoming sportsmen are black. I thought it very good to have essays on sports like the one you wrote. The Hochi is a sports newspaper, so I am sure the topic will interest our readers.

Meishu-sama: Very good. And it would be good to add religion to that topic as well.
Konishi: This is what I think. We don’t have to say that World Messianity is such and such. All we have to say is that there is this wonderful work going on in Atami, that they are doing such-and-such cultural activities, and I think that readers will understand that it is a new religion for contemporary people.

I Do Not Like Religion

Meishu-sama: For the most part, I do not like religion.

Konishi: I have never met a spiritual leader like you. I have met the leaders of other religions. They take me by surprise me when they bluster about or else suddenly shout out utterances like “Praise Be to the Lotus Sutra!”

Meishu-sama: I intensely dislike such strange religious leaders and founders. To behave normally and in no way be any different from ordinary people is so much more pleasant. I do think that is the way it should be. Even “men of religion” are after all still men.

Takeuchi: When I first met you at Gora, I thought you would be wearing something outlandish, but you just sat nonchalantly smoking a cigarette. That is when the interview became interesting for me. Judging from your personality, I don’t see how World Messianity could have the dark atmosphere in which people are intimidated or deceived. I think it is very good.

Meishu-sama: You mean World Messianity doesn’t reek of religion, right?

Takeuchi: Not stinky at all, actually.

Meishu-sama: I do not make an issue of religious forms. What I am actually doing tells the story. What really saves people and helps the world is what is important.

Takeuchi: That World Messianity is cultural and reliable is good.

Urgent Task of Breaking the Superstition of Fertilizer

Abe: How would it be for your newspaper to do an article on natural cultivation? Particularly as five percent increase of production in five years is an actual fact, it would really be a good thing for this method to spread among average farming households.

Meishu-sama: In recent reports the yield has been as much as thirteen sackfuls of rice per quarter acre in some places.

Abe: This is easier to understand than healing disease.
Kihara: If it came to writing a column about “Family and Religion,” natural cultivation is an inseparable topic.

Meishu-sama: Yes, in that case, farmers would want to read it. In addition, the taste of rice as well as vegetables is really something. After you have eaten products of natural cultivation, you won’t want to eat anything else! The same goes for mikans and persimmons. Natural cultivation improves flavor as well as increasing the amount of production. Nor is expense for fertilizer necessary, and damage from wind and water is slight. This is because, when natural cultivation is used, the number of the plant roots increases and as the level of their endurance is high, they do not fall over. If they do fall over, they stand back up again. Neither is there insect damage. Insects come about from the fertilizer. The reason we see more varieties of insects recently is because the types of fertilizers have increased.
     When natural cultivation is first implemented, there is one point that has to be considered. That is, during the first year of production of rice plants after changing from fertilizer-based farming to natural cultivation, in the beginning the kernels or stones will be meager. This situation can be compared to that when a drug addict abruptly quits narcotics and behaves as if mentally ill. It is the same with plants that have been given fertilizer and are abruptly taken off. They temporarily become rather weak, but what astonishes everybody is that with a little patience, the plants seem to revive in the autumn and the amount of production is about the same as before. The following year, production will be better, and by the fifth year, production will have increased by fifty percent. I have had reports that these days even farmers who are not members of World Messianity are imitating the techniques. The problem is that people nowadays have fallen for superstition, the superstition of fertilizers and the superstition of medicinal poisons. These superstitions must be broken.
     This is on a different topic, but I have received a tremendous report. Someone who works in a coal mine has had four to five occasions when he was able to escape danger, and the miner wrote that he can only think that these escapes were due to God’s protection. You could also put material like that in the newspaper. When such incidents are made widely known, casualties and damage in the coal mines could be reduced by great percentages. If four or five coal miners could become members of World Messianity, the number of accidents could be tremendously decreased. He reports that what should have blown up, did not blow up.
Takeuchi: Why was that, I wonder.

Meishu-sama: This is a spiritual matter, so believing may be difficult, but there is a tremendous science behind this. Call it religious science, if you will. It can be explained scientifically, logically. I intend to write about this. In the future, I will explain what has not been understood, what is taken to be incomprehensible, including matters like this miracle. Call it an advanced, developed science, a science for the twenty-first century.

All: Thank you very much.

Eikô, Issue 194, February 4, 1953
 translation by cynndd