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As mentioned in the introduction, I expound the cause for the rising incidence of disease in the U.S. today from the ground up. Firstly about the source of disease: the fact is, surprisingly enough, that what produces disease is the medical treatment itself, and especially, medicine is the main factor in it. That is to say, the very method for curing illness in order to decrease ill people is, to the contrary, preventing the cure for illness and increasing illness and ill people, which means that they are unbelievably trapped under the total illusion. This is so evident a fact that no explanation would be needed, but it has not been realized at all in general, so we can say it is simply an enigma of the 20th century. In fact, people show more and more faith in medicine and believe firmly that they can get rid of disease by advancing medical science. Then, what is the cause that has brought this enigmatic illusion? It is because the medical way of thinking is inverted, taking diseases as bad phenomena. Now I will try to give an in-depth explanation about this.

  In the nature of things, a human being has, without exception, both inborn and acquired poisonous substance. The inborn poison is, needless to say, the inheritance from the parents and the acquired one is the poisonous substances in medicine which people have taken in their bodies since after their births. Everyone will be surprised to know this. For the basic assumption is that medicines are what will cure sickness and aid health, so they believe that if only very effective medicines are produced, every sickness will be cured; this is the focus of medical treatment. Above all, the U.S.; people in this country put the most emphasis on medicine and are making a massive effort to discover and develop new drugs, as you know. Hence, if medicine had the power to heal illnesses, existing illnesses should have been decreasing gradually, but the fact is contrariwise that illnesses are increasing even more; why is this happening? Nothing is more irrational than this occurrence. Basically, there is no such thing as a medicine on the earth, so what people think of as medicines are all poisons with no exception and they are effective exactly because they are poisons. What I mean is that so called medicine appears to cure illness because of its toxicity which suppresses the symptoms of illness, but actually the illness is not cured at all.

  Then, why are medicines poisons? Because, it is foods that what human beings are supposed to eat and the Creator provided for them to live on at the same time as creating humankind. And of the foods, some are for human beings to eat and others are not; this distinction is self-evident. That is to say, the foods which we humans should eat are made to have a taste and humans are given the sense of taste, so if only we enjoy eating foods we want to eat, we can get enough nutrition; considering just this one thing, you should understand how thoroughly the Creator has done. Seen in this light, we do not eat for living but live with eating, just like acts of reproduction, that is, men and women have sex not to bear children, but they happen to be blessed with children making love for another purpose; this is a great mystery.

  As remarked above, the internal function of human body is made to be unable to process a foreign substance completely except the stuff which is prescribed as food, and so, since the medicine is a foreign material to the human body, when taken into the body, only the nutritional element of medicine is assimilated but the rest of it remains in the body. This is the toxic element in medicine, and in addition, the trouble is that this toxic element accumulates at the local parts of the body and as time goes by, it solidifies. The parts it accumulates are limited to where the nerves are concentrated and highly active. The parts where the nerve activity is very high are situated, of course, in the upper half of the body, especially from the neck up: mainly the brains, and the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc., so the toxic substances gather together aiming at these parts and they solidify around the neck for a moment. Any person will have, without exception, the solidification somewhere at the neck or in the shoulder. This is a so-called stiffness, and when it has developed to some degree, the process of natural elimination, that is, the purification occurs. In that case, the solidified toxic elements are dissolved by the action of high fever, liquefied and transformed into cough, phlegm, nasal mucus, sweat, diarrhea, hot urine, etc. to be eliminated. We call this a cold.

  Consequently, a so-called common cold is the process for eliminating the toxic elements, so if you are patient enough during this process though it is a little painful, and leave it to nature, then the toxic elements are eliminated well, the interior of the body are purified and restored to health; this is excellent. Since the common cold is very simple physiological activity and effect by God's providence, we ought to be most thankful for the process, but the people who did not know the truth interpreted the pain of purification as a bad symptom and invented medical treatment to stop it, which you should understand is a total mistake. And this process of purification is all the more likely to occur because the body is vital, so the most effective way to stop the process is to weaken the bodily vital activity. Upon this, people came to use the poison called medicine. From ancient days, digging out of roots of herbs and barks of trees, minerals, animal internal organs, etc., boiling, powdering, or extracting, they made medicines in various forms: liquid medicine, pills, ointment, medicine for injection, etc., and applied them to stopping the process of purification. However, if the toxicity is too strong, it will be life-threatening, so they make this toxic character very weak and have it taken bit by bit. For this purpose, they fixed a dose of medicine to take, say three times a day, therefore, an effective medicine means the poison whose toxicity is made stronger so far as not to show toxic symptoms. Thus, by using the toxic elements in medicine, they have hardened the poison which otherwise would be dissolved and discharged, and consequently, people today have retained so much poison and contract diseases very easily and this is why they are unduly strict about preventive hygiene and fearful of the common cold. And further, they feel happy to hear that their life span has been extended to be a little over sixty, but this is also a great mistake. For it would not difficult for a human being to live to be more than a hundred years old if only he or she did not have disease, but in fact almost all people die at an age under one hundred; this is a death from unnatural causes of disease, therefore, without disease, people would die of natural causes, consequently, they naturally would live long. Thus, medical treatment is not the method for curing disease but the way to alleviate pains temporarily, for which purpose an absolute minimum of activity, a wet compress, an ointment, an ice application, an electrotherapy, a phototherapy, etc., all these treatments are none other than the means to solidify poisons. Among them, moxa cautery and thermotherapy are a little different; these are methods of treatment which, by applying temporal heat stimuli to some spots, lead toxic element to the spots, and as a result, the patients have relief, but after some time passes, their original conditions return with nothing improved. There is also another method called radium therapy which destroys cancer by radium rays; if this method destroyed cancer only, it would be very good, but actually it destroys the tissue in the body, so on balance, the demerits are greater than the merits.

  As observed above, every single medical treatment up to now has been thoroughly the method of solidification, but there is absolutely no other method of remedy at all than dissolving toxic substance and discharging it. This is evident from that medical doctors do not say "cure" but "make solid." On top of that, the most effective of all the solidifying method is medicine and the medicine makes source of the disease, so it is quite natural that the more often one has medical treatment, the more easily one suffers complications and become worse. As a result, one is led up to life-threatening condition in the end. Concerning this, the following are very suggestive. We often hear from doctors that a patient who is very eager to be cured of a disease and uses a precious medicine is most likely to become worse, whereas a patient who is indifferent to the course is most likely to get well. And we also often hear that the more careful about hygiene a person is, the poorer health he or she has and the more careless, the healthier; doctors' families and nurses working at the hospital have a tendency to be ill. Interestingly enough, a person of unusual health, a golden ager says, "I have never depended on the help of a doctor or medicine because I have never become ill," but from our standpoint, the person is healthy precisely because he or she has never see a doctor or take medicine and because healthy, no need of a doctor or medicine; this logic should be deeply appreciated.

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The first appearance of this article: Eikoh, No.179, October 22nd, 1952 (the 27th year of Showa)