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Smallpox Vaccination and Medicinal Toxin

     In this chapter I describe congenital toxin. Post-congenital toxin is of course medicinal toxin that has been ingested since birth, but congenital toxin is medicinal toxin that has been transmitted through the forebears. There is a Japanese proverb that goes “there is no one without conceit nor the symptoms of syphilis.” This “syphilis” refers to what the Japanese commonly call “womb poison,” and what contemporary medical science calls hereditary syphilis. Of course, this is very old medicinal toxin, so at some point, an eliminating activity must generate. That activity is smallpox. Because this principle was not understood, in 1796, the English scholar Edward Jenner discovered smallpox vaccination, and since that time because avoiding smallpox has been possible, Jenner has been revered as a savior of humanity and to this day is still the object of gratitude.
     However, what must be understood about this situation is that the smallpox toxin does not disappear with smallpox vaccination. Smallpox vaccination only weakens the body’s energy, vitality, to eliminate congenital toxin, so it remains inside the body and becomes the source of various diseases. To describe the process as it unfolds, as time passes congenital toxin accumulates in different parts of the body and solidifies. The mildest form of the purification activity of this solidified toxin is the common cold, and conditions such as skin diseases, pseudo-infantile paralysis, meningitis, weakened constitutions in young children, and so forth, are the more severe forms. If the circumstances surrounding what I described in the beginning are investigated, it can be seen that the physical vigor of the English and French peoples has declined since the discovery of smallpox vaccination. Accordingly, there is no other way to exterminate smallpox from humanity than to completely eliminate all pharmaceuticals. Even so, results will not appear immediately. That is because human beings have been stuffed with pharmaceuticals for centuries, so to completely eliminate smallpox toxin from humanity should be be seen to take two to three generations. With purification activity, medicinal toxin is gradually reduced, so even with the outbreak of a disease, each time it breaks out, the severity decreases. With Johrei, elimination can be completed in one generation.
     Members of the general public do not have to cease smallpox vaccinations immediately. If they can quit within their lifetimes, the purification activity of their offspring will be less severe, and their grandchildren’s generation will probably be completely free of toxin. The only real effect that smallpox vaccinations have is that the hideous pockmarks from the disease do not appear, but the other harmful effect is much worse. Which is, injections whose use is quite widespread these days. The method of vaccination administration almost certainly provided the idea for injections, but the fearsome degree of the harm in injections should be acknowledged after a reading of this volume.
     To describe other important aspects of the topic of disease and medicinal toxin, the most terrifying medicine is Salvarsan compound 606. The toxin from this drug will to a degree of almost certainty attack the brain, cause some sort of cerebral disease, and there are even those who have come down with cases of mental disease. The medicinal toxin of Salvarsan is very malignant. Medical science puts the cause of mental disease down to syphilis, and to cure syphilis, patients are injected with Salvarsan compound 606, and, as described above, the drug causes mental disease in individuals who have nothing wrong with their brains. Medical science has become frighteningly deluded.
     Of the diseases stemming from medicinal toxin, the greatest number are probably those relating to the stomach. Diseases of the stomach begin from the instance when medicines are taken for such minor ailments as overeating, heartburn, indigestion, and so forth. These minor conditions are healed, but as time passes, inevitably comes recurrence. Again, the condition is healed with medicine. Again, the condition appears. In the repetition of this cycle, the condition becomes chronic and the patient presents with full-blown stomach ailments. Thus, if the condition had been left alone in the beginning, it would have been cured after one or two occurrences, but with the repetition of mistaken therapies, it becomes a real disease, so the ignorance is beyond belief.
     To give two or three other illustrations, first is the common ailment stomach cramps, the pain that accompanies purification. The numbing agent used to kill pain often becomes slightly addictive and is itself the cause for other chronic diseases. Next are ulcers which are the most obviously caused by medicinal toxin. That is because, medicines for the stomach will inevitably contain sodium bicarbonate which, along with softening food, will also soften the walls of the stomach. In this condition, if a more solid food or object is introduced it will strike the stomach wall, open a wound, and cause hemorrhaging, where the blood is vomited out. Another symptom that may occur is that the hemorrhaged blood remains on the bottom of the stomach. This is, as I described previously, because the membrane of the stomach loses resistance, blood continually seeps out, so it becomes mixed with excrement, and because hemorrhaged blood forms into small, black balls, it is easy to spot. All blood is red when it is new, but as it gets older, it becomes black. Indigestion is another widespread symptom that comes about as the stomach weakens when it loses the ability to fully function because digestive medicines have been ingested and soft foods, overly masticated. As medicines and over-mastication are repeated, over time the condition worsens and becomes chronic indigestion, so indigestion is also caused by human beings themselves.
     Other examples of therapies based on the same logic and having only temporary effect are the sedatives for headache, cocaine in the nose in certain medical treatments, medicine drops in the eyes, Lugol’s solution for tonsillitis, and all the different kinds of ointments and salve plasters. These are also all addictive. The same applies to fever. If left alone, the temperature will gradually lower. Medical doctors are often perplexed by some fevers and refer to them as “fevers of unknown cause,” but as described above, the condition of fever is something they cause, so it is only natural that the fever be attributed to an unknown cause. Laxatives and enemas are also commonly used, and these as well become addictive and later cause reverse effects in that the user comes to suffer routinely from constipation. Edema or dropsy is the same. The use of diuretics will temporarily increase urine output but a reaction will invariably take place, and the edema becomes worse than before. Use of diuretics is started again, and as the cycle is continually repeated, swelling becomes quite noticeable. When this happens, fluids are removed with needles and perforation, but the results from the procedure are also temporary, and with the passage of months, swelling becomes bigger, and doctors give up.
     Among the varieties of medicinal toxin, terrible are those that escape notice and of which most are unaware, and these are the disinfectants used in surgery. Powerful enough to kill bacteria and germs these medicines are intolerable because they permeate directly into muscle. Thus, they become the source of various chronic conditions, one variety which occurs most are severe headaches that are also quite pernicious. To cure them takes a long time. Other conditions are diseases of the mucous membrane within the mouth that result from the permeation and toxification from frequent ingestion of medicines. When this toxin seeks elimination, it turns into conditions like catarrh, tumors, abscess, boils, and swelling.
     I believe I have made clear from various aspects how the cause of all disease is medicinal toxin. Once this is understood, when making a diagnosis about a certain disease, doctors should start to ask their patients when they took what medicine, when they received what kind of injection, when and on what part of the body did they have an operation, and the cause of the complaint should be more or less obvious. Indeed, medicines solidify quite easily and are also quite difficult to get eliminated. Dissolving and eliminating toxin can take several years, several decades, nay, most of them stay solidified for a whole lifetime. In my case, the medicinal toxin I received when I suffered from pleurisy and tuberculosis about fifty years ago and the medicinal toxin I ingested for a one-year period for toothaches about thirty years ago remain even now. At present, I have to give myself Johrei every day.
     When I speak of medicinal toxin, I do not mean Western medicines only. Chinese herbal medicines are the same, slightly different only by symptoms. The pain in the elimination of Western medicines is very sharp but that of Chinese herbal medicines is dull. Since the cause of all pain and itching is medicinal toxin, as long as medicines are not put in or on the body, human beings should live their whole lives without experiencing pain from disease. I strongly affirm that as long as the medicinal toxin superstition is not destroyed, the suffering from the pain from disease will not be eradicated from humanity.

Salvation for Americans, page 8, January 1, 1953
translated by cynndd

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