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Ridiculing Contemporary Medical Science

     Extensively reported in the news with which all are so well acquainted has been the arrival in Japan of Dr. Selman Waksman, the discoverer of streptomycin in the United States for which he received the Nobel Prize. With the assistance of the Yomiuri Newspaper, a lecture was scheduled and he has received the welcome of specialists as well as of intellectuals in general. Since I have read his talk as it was carried in the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, leaving aside details, I will describe and address the fundamental points of his talk, of which the following is a summary.
     Streptomycin is an antibiotic substance and is quite effective in weakening tubercle bacillus. For this reason, tuberculosis declines and for a certain period all symptoms are alleviated, so its discovery has become quite celebrated throughout the world as the events in Japan show. It has been demonstrated, however, that the drug is not effective for complete recovery, but recently as the number of those who die from tuberculosis has suddenly decreased in Japan, there is rejoicing. From where I stand, the celebration is of no consequence at all.
     This discovery is inconsequential because, as I always teach, contemporary medical science, as it is of an extremely infantile level, does not deal with the fundamentals of tuberculosis. Because streptomycin is a pharmaceutical that was produced not by active, basic research but through a peripheral minor study, it is only natural that it is merely temporarily effective. The best evidence for its ineffectiveness is that, although the death rate has decreased, it is obvious that the number of incidences of the occurrence of the disease has not decreased in the least. As a result, since are only increasing the number of pale-faced, physically weak people who neither die nor recover, there are needless to say more negative aspects than positive aspects for the nation state. If, through the new pharmaceuticals, diseases were cured, the number of healthy people increased, and the amount of incidences of the disease lessened, we ourselves would not stint on expressing our approval with great joy, but as the facts are as stated above, the world should awaken to the blind spot of medical science.
      In light of the inconclusive results of this pharmaceutical, it is quite pathetic that people are grateful, as if the head of an ogre had been taken, and that the discoverer and other researchers are so highly lauded. This reaction occurs because the true situation is not understood, so the public goes over the moon at the news of the slightest results which become the topic for discussion and debate on a global scale. Hydrazide was the same, and in the beginning forecasts were that the pharmaceutical would take off but of late, quite contrary to expectations, it is not selling at all, for which the manufacturer is whining and complaining. Moreover, what deserves attention is that although the number of deaths due to tuberculosis has decreased, it is a fact that as a consequence, the number of incidences of the outbreak of other diseases has increased. I saw a report in the newspaper recently that in France and other European nations, even though the number of incidences of tuberculosis has decreased, that of cancer (which I call pseudo-cancer) and other diseases has increased. These facts certainly deserve much thought. As can be understood from the above, although tuberculosis can be suppressed for a certain period, there is the danger that it will transform into other diseases. This process is a form of multiplication. Although medical science is said to have progressed, the fact that the number of sick individuals overall has not decreased rather tells the true story.
      To speak more forcibly to the reasons why medical science has not truly progressed as much as is thought, those involved in medical science are captivated by germ theory and maintain the simple-minded way of thinking that all that has to be done is to kill germs, so here I will explain the fundamental aspects of germs. Germs are only a substance resulting from disease and are not the source of disease. What happens is that in one area of the physical body, a hotbed for germs is formed (about this hotbed for germs, see my Faith Healing for Tuberculosis for more details), and here germs in their early stages are generated. From the germs at this stage, those that have gradually developed into bigger forms are what is visible under a microscope, so destroying this hotbed for germs is fundamental for eliminating tuberculosis. This point, however, is not understood, pharmaceuticals that can kill germs are taken to be good, and recently a succession of new pharmaceuticals has been developed to kill germs, but from my viewpoint, such are all a waste of time and labor. Johrei of World Messianity, however, restores the body to a condition even healthier than that before outbreak of the disease. Johrei does this because it completely eliminates the generating source for the hotbed region of germs.
     From the preceding, I am sure the reader can understand that the principles and methods for healing which I have created are of the highest levels of science. In spite of this discovery, my views are not investigated and are taken to be non-science because my explanations come from the field of religion. This response results totally from an attitude that is captive to the superstition created by material science, so I keenly hope that this superstition is done away with as soon as possible.

Eikô, Issue 191, January 14, 1953
 translation by cynndd