Great Construction

A Hundred from One

     Through Johrei activities as well as by exercise in various ways of the spirit of language, followers of World Messianity diligently work to bring in new members. It may be that, at the very moment these individuals join the church, enter the main gate, so to speak, that they show no further interest. Earnest followers can never rest assured. Individuals cannot truly be said to be followers unless they are guided into the living room and shown the essential parts of the home. Those who have had such an experience fully understand what I am talking about, but what I want to say in this regard is that if an individual has the power to bring in one firm believer, it should not be that difficult for that person to bring in a hundred new followers. And it is only natural that if those one hundred followers were to guide one hundred new followers, the number of followers would increase in a geometric progression and soon would amount to an astonishing figure.
     The natural reaction to this statement would probably be to think that bringing in a new follower could not go this easily, but this response occurs because the issue is considered by the standards of religion to date. World Messianity, however, differs completely. In power and energy, World Messianity is a religion of high level incomparable to any religion that has appeared before. In particular, the results of the unique practice of Johrei in World Messianity which heals sickness show a wondrousness that is to be believed. After coming into contact with World Messianity, though, the extraordinary nature of the work will be at once understood. Until the present, there certainly have been various kinds of faith healing but these have either been indirect divine benefits or have been based on the practitioner’s personal energy. Even when we speak of divine, however, divinity hitherto manifested on the secondary level or below, so power above a certain level could not be manifested. That which presides over World Messianity is the Lord God that is manifesting absolute power. This can be understood by observing the fact that all other religions have established hospitals but World Messianity has not.
     Furthermore, in World Messianity there are almost no doctrines or practices that came about hundreds and thousands of years ago. Rather World Messianity is pointing out the mistakes in those doctrines and practices. Moreover, in contrast to existing religions which are indifferent towards the culture of material science, World Messiantiy takes great pains to critique and expose the defects of the culture of material science in order to demonstrate the standards for culture of a high level. Therefore, if for some reason or another, there happens to be someone who censures World Messianity, it is because that individual has not come into contact with World Messianity. Another feature that may invite criticism is the particular feature not shared by others that World Messianity has many wonderful miracles on such a large scale that reports about them are apt to be mistaken for boasting. These miracles, moreover, are steadily being manifested and are showing astonishing results. Naturally, these results will come to receive great attention not only from those with an interest in religion but quite soon from the average person in the street as well.
     As I have described, although World Messianity is a religion, religion is only one part, and even at just this moment, wonderful results are being shown in the fields of healing, agriculture, and the arts. Eventually, more epoch-making projects in other fields of culture are planned. In brief terms, the present erroneous culture will be replaced by a true, paradise-like culture. It is not mysterious that in a religion with such unprecedented power that one individual should be able to guide a hundred.

Eikô, Issue 192, January 21, 1953
 translation by cynndd

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“Hitori ga Hyakunin,” which originally appeared in Eikô, Issue 192, January 21, 1953, and later, while Meishu-sama still living, was reprinted in the teaching anthology, Goshinsho: Shûkyôhen (Divine Writings: Volume on Religion), page 94, has previously appeared in translation. Citation is given below for reference.

“One Can Guide One Hundred,” Reaching for Faith, 2010, page 99.