Great Construction

Unreasonable Reasoning

     No need should there be to state that human beings are created by God and have not been fashioned by scholars or technicians. Therefore, when becoming sick or diseased, the obvious reasoning should be is to have God heal. Taking drugs or using instruments to heal is quite off the mark. When it comes to human beings, the individual is not being healed, a human being is saved. In which case, those who wish to be saved and those who save are of differing levels. That is, one is below and the other is above. Beyond question, the one who saves is above. I would explain the reasoning in concrete terms this way. The sick person is the one who is saved, and those who practice medical treatment are the ones who save. As long as drugs and instruments are utilized in medical treatment, the level of human beings will be below that of material objects such as pharmaceuticals and instruments. The medicine made from green moss that is popular these days would be above and human beings below, so following this reasoning, if the lives of human beings could be saved by green moss, human beings would be the same as pitiful worms.
     Those who would disagree with me might say that by this logic, as food is necessary to sustain human life, food should also rank above human beings, and this way of thinking is not totally without logic. However, food fundamentally differs in that in the case of diseases, human beings are being saved from a fate in which they die. Without any relationship to food, the healing of disease removes the individual from the danger of death. Therefore, you should have yourself saved by God, your Creator. As I have said on one occasion or another, if doctors could heal your disease, you should put that doctor’s photograph on your god shelf and worship it, that if drugs and injections could help you, you should kowtow to them, and that if through surgery you could truly recover, the scalpels, pincers, and disinfectants used in the operation should be handed down generation to generation as heirlooms in your family.
     I would like to repeat that statement here, but people might only snort through their noses as if it were the punch line to a joke. If these individuals were healthy and hale, they could say what they want, but look, among the healthy, we find sufferers of conditions such as influenza, dysentery, encephalitis, tuberculosis, cancer, palsy, infantile paralysis, spinal caries, heart diseases, appendicitis, tonsillitis, and so on, so many, they cannot all be listed. What I want to say is that, given the circumstances, there must be something greatly mistaken somewhere and that human beings should perceive that error.

Eikô, Issue 195, February 11, 1953
 translation by cynndd