Great Construction


  It is needless to say at this late that when we examine closely the cause of every kind of human unhappiness, it can all be traced back to evil.  So then, I have written this article by the exercise of imagination under the assumption that evil has disappeared from this world.  To begin with, sick people would disappear; every single one of us would enjoy health, so there would not be anyone to be absent from work.  As I always state, the cause to produce sick people lies in the mistake of medicine, which is, so to speak, sin out of good will; therefore in terms of the result it falls under evil after all.  Indeed it has been said since olden days, "Medicine is a benevolent art" and people have thought of medicine as magnificent virtuous work which saves human life; but actually, that is nothing but an utter illusion.

  Therefore, if this reality is made clear and corrected, it is a matter of course that the world with no disease will emerge, in which people can work in high spirits all through the year, so no doubt there would be neither poverty nor conflicts, and happy families in a peaceful society would come true.  It may sound too good to be true; however, we find some difficulty here.  For although until that time there would be a transition period in which all the facilities and machines relating to diseases would become unnecessary, and as to the people concerned, neither doctors, nurses nor drug manufacturers and the employees in connected industries would all lose their jobs; this would be a difficult problem to solve.  However, considering the benefits which would accrue to the nation and its people eternally, they would have no other choice but to stand it by all means. 

  If the time has come when people do not have any worries about illness, all the troubles as they have now will disappear: for example, "Don't catch cold," "Keep yourself warm," "Be careful of foods," "Nutrition is important," "Wash your hands before eating," "Pay attention to hygiene," "Gargle when you come home," "Keep away from bacteria," etc., so people will be able to live so brightly without any anxiety, behave coolly and unconcernedly among general public as well as in bad air; this is the very life of truly free person.  In addition, of the monthly living expenses, healthcare spending will become unnecessary; what a relief people will have for their living! 

  And further, there will be no need to lock the door of each one's house, worry about pickpockets or baggage lifting on a train and the like, so people will be able to enjoy their carefree travels, and if someone comes to ask you for money, because he or she is absolutely sure to return it, you will lend money with a good grace as long as you can afford to, so both side, as a matter of course, can feel good.  In any transaction there will be no need for a bond or a receipt, which will save the trouble, and it will be impossible for complaints or lawsuits to occur.  Family members will be all healthy, materially affluent, so that peace and harmony would reign over the family and they will enjoy going on a pleasure trip together as a family.  As for the head of a family, since he will not drink heavily or spend the two nights away, his wife will not feel anxiety about him, so the domestic disputes will disappear as if they had been old time illusions.  And since the children follow their parents' example, so they do something nice to their parents without being told to; now that it's come to this, who cares about democracy or feudalistic thinking?  It is because such a bother slips their minds.

  As for the police and law courts, one tenth of the present number will do.  For, since evils will not disappear so rapidly after all, it cannot be helped that there would happen some conflicts and criminals would come out in a way; however, the number of cases will be incomparably smaller than that of today and most crimes will be settled as minor ones.  In addition, policemen and judges will decide on cases quite impartially without worrying too much about their honor and sentiments, and at the same time, accused persons will not lie or deceive, so there will be no need for lawyers and cases will, as a matter of course, be settled promptly, and since bribery will disappear, public servants, office workers and school teachers will never feel compunction and be always bright and cheerful, so they will work more efficiently and be able to finish off their work in only a fraction of the time that has been needed so far.

  The happiest of all is that war will disappear from the world.  Since war is the greatest evil, if it disappears, the world will change for the better in all its aspects on an unimaginably big scale.  First of all, the economic burden of the people of each country will become a fraction of that of today, they naturally will be happy and their societies become more livable as a matter of course.

  So far, I have described the world in which evil has disappeared, and yet there are some more points left unwritten that I need to mention.  First, the labor in all working places will decrease to only a fraction of that of the present day.  Needless to think about it, probably the futility of labor caused by evil in today's society is tremendous, although nobody notices that.  Therefore, if even one tenth of evils decreased, the burden of the country would become easier by just that much.  Since the budget this year is said to be nine hundred, ninety and six billion yen, only the ten percent decrease of evils would lead substantially to increase of about one hundred billion yen and taxes would be reduced at the same rate, so people would be saved from the tax hell.  Furthermore, if the rate deceased by twenty to thirty percent, goods as well as money would be superabundant and it would be enough for human beings to work for less than half the time it takes now, so would be sufficient to work for three hours a day.  Then people each would be able to spend the rest of the time on their own hobbies or studies; hereupon people would come to live a meaningful life as a human being for the first time in history, and since the world would become such a place where people live actually in perfect peace and happiness, there would be magnificent edifices built everywhere: to say nothing of gorgeous theaters and development of every kind of recreational facilities, paradises with a profusion of flowers, great national parks which introduce scenic beauty, botanical gardens and unique private garden, etc. would naturally emerge one after another; streets with semi-park outlook and function would be made everywhere and, conjointly with development of transportation facilities, people would enjoy travels several times as much as those of today; every country would compete to establish a splendid palace of art, so the light of culture would be overflowing on earth. 

  Sports would become more and more advanced for human health and promotion of physical beauty, so that big stadiums would be founded at every place.  If the world became such a one, human beings would not be routinely treated as today, but rather enjoy doing their jobs because they would work according as their natural self-consciousness tell them to.  And their eating habits would also make amazing progress; combined with abundant foods and development of cooking method the diet of common people would improve incomparably much better than today.

  I have just outlined the imaginable world this much under the assumption that evil has disappeared from this world, and those who read this may consider that it would be fine if the world became such a one, but that it is only a dream and there cannot be any possibility of that coming true, so it is no more than a banquet painted on canvas; however, I affirm that it is possible.  For this to be true, it is the fundamental condition to eradicate evils as I have just stated, and everything depends on that.  However, it is none other than the Last Judgment impending upon us, through which evils are to be completely expelled.  But before that time, there will be a great difficult situation, and only when one can break through the situation one will become a true happy person.  Since it is our World Messianity that has emerged for the salvation of human beings, this religion is the very key with which you can open the door to happiness.  

Eikoh, No.197, February 25, 1953 (the 28th year of Showa)