Great Construction

Diseases Such as Leukemia Effortlessly Healed

     Just recently hit the headlines of all the major newspapers the story of a six-year-old who in spite of having been given repeated blood transfusions that had been donated by many children in an attempt to heal leukemia nevertheless died. As seen from instances such as this, the crudeness of medical science can be well appreciated. In contrast to this sad story, the following account reports that leukemia was completed cured in the space of one week, so the difference between medical science and Johrei does not even warrant comparison. Seeing this account in a newspaper, the only reaction is amazement. I always think it regrettable, however, that even though Johrei therapy is so wonderful, no words can be found for those doctors who may know or may not know of Johrei but who expend so much money on treatment, make their patients suffer, and cause even some to lose their lives. If medical science were able to cure and heal to the same degree as Johrei, it is all but certain that the success would become a big issue in medical fields throughout the world. As such, if one were to ponder this situation, God’s efforts on our behalf would surely seem to be more than we deserve.

My Child Saved from the Leukemia
Untreatable by Medical Doctors

                        Satomi Okuzaka, age 39, Seirei Church     
Mino-cho, Miyoshi-gun, Tokushima Prefecture

     Meishu-sama, thank you very much for the blessings I daily receive. It was in June of 1952 that through God’s power, my second daughter, Mieko, was saved from a hopeless situation, and since which we have been living each day in gratitude. At the time, six years old, she had started kindergarten in April, but from around the middle of May, she gradually lost energy and appetite, but somehow or another she continued with school. Her degree of weakness steadily increased, however, and she finally lost the energy to attend the school to which she had continued so steadfastly. From that time, she would invariably get a fever at night, and especially since her stomach, when felt, was so surprisingly hot to the touch, I took her to the doctor. When I told the doctor of what had happened, I asked him to give her a shot of penicillin, but he gave me a laxative for her. After we got home, I administered the laxative and she eliminated a small amount. She felt a little better. I didn’t hear her say that she would go to school, so the next day I sent her off to school, but when she returned home, her complexion was very bad and she had no vigor at all. From that evening, fever again broke out and since she was suffering, I put my hand to her stomach and felt that the fever was over forty degrees. In the morning, her fever was down, but on account of the fever the night before, her complexion was very bad, and her lips did not look the color of a living person. I tried preparing different types of dishes for her, but her appetite only declined.
     All the family members were greatly worried about her, and we had the doctor give her a check up. This time the doctor examined her scrupulously. He thought it might be some form of blood disease and since he did not have the facilities to verify that suspicion, he wrote us a letter of introduction to the town hospital two kilometers away. There was nothing to do then but to go to the hospital. As a result of detailed tests at the hospital of blood, feces, and urine, as well as x-rays, her condition was found to be leukemia, a disease little-known in Japan. In this disease, the blood which is supposed to turn into red corpuscles changes into white corpuscles. There are too many white corpuscles, an unexpected low amount of red corpuscles, and the difference gradually becomes greater. At present, there is no sure method of treatment, and it was at this point that I had never felt so hopeless as I lost all confidence in medical science. Just at the point where I was completely at a loss, a neighbor told me about the Tathagata of Divine Light and recommended that I try worshipping there if I was ever in trouble. The very next day, I paid a call to the residence of Mr. Kiyomasa Taguchi five kilometers away. My daughter received Johrei, and on the way home, it seemed as if she were more energetic than before. Until then, every night she had experienced fever, but from this night forward fever did not break out. As a result, her appetite gradually increased, and on the way home after worshipping the third day, she was humming! I worshipped every day with gratitude for the blessing. After one week, Mieko had become so healthy she was unrecognizable from before. She has received a precious sacred focal point and is now attending school much more energetically than ever. I am greatly relieved that even though she may experience light purification occasionally, she recovers with the help of Johrei. I am also relieved that all members of our family occasionally experience purification, but with Johrei, they recover. We received a Kannon screen for our family altar in September 1952. We are determined, in spite of our poor ability, to help with the tremendous work of the sacred program seeking to inform as many people as possible of the divine will for the construction of paradise on earth.
     Meishu-sama, thank you very much. Even though my report is hastily scribbled, I hereby express my gratitude, with the fervent hope for continued blessings.

Eikô, Issue 205, April 22, 1953
    translated by cynndd