Great Construction

Judge Not

     I constantly warn against statements like, “That person is good,” or “That individual is bad,” or “That one is or isn’t a hindrance,” but it does appear there are still some of my followers who make such declarations. As long as there are even a few who say such things, it means that the teachings have not been sufficiently mastered. That is why I say that to make judgments about the good or bad of a person is total and unqualified defiance of the authority of God and as it is the greatest error one could commit, I ask that all to refrain from doing so. A human being as a human being has no reason at all to know things like the good or bad of a person, so to think that one does know of such things is because slowly without realizing it, one has reached the height of conceit. Therefore, this kind of attitude is proof that indeed the individual has not even passed through the front gate of faith. On another level, anything having to do with divine economy is not something that can be understood by human beings. Divine economy is not so shallow, and all must make great efforts to keep this point in mind. As my work is the salvation of three thousand worlds, part of a great aspect of divine administration never before contemplated, there is no way that it could be conceived without a great heart and mind. To try to do so with the eyes of a narrow-minded faith is as to peek through a knothole at the ceiling.
     I am sure everyone is fed up with my saying that a narrow-minded faith will not do, that it is only with a broad-minded faith that God can be understood. But this concept appears to be difficult because distressing it is that there are still those who commit this mistake. However, we can understand when we observe society and the general public that every aspect is narrow-minded, and this tendency is particularly pronounced in Japan. In religious organizations and the like, internal cliques are formed and ugly scenes of power conflicts occasionally appear in the press. The inside of political parties, government offices, business companies, and the like do not differ, and of course these conflicts have a harmful influence on efficiency and the growth of commercial concerns. It is because of the very fact that this world is so mistaken that God has undertaken to rebuild the world. When the basics for these conflicts are investigated, it will be found that all are due to narrow-mindedness, so it is hardly possible that a completely bright, tranquil society can be realized without broad-mindedism.
     Nevertheless, if there are still some followers of World Messianity who have the same kind of narrow-mindedness as members of the general public, I want them as soon as possible to perceive their error, change their way of thinking, and become real followers of World Messianity. God’s judgment will also become more strict as purification gradually grows more severe, so unless such a reformation is undertaken, no matter how bitterly one may repent, it will be too late. What I want to say is that now is the time to repent and reform. In the prophetic writings of Oomoto is the passage, “Conceit and misapprehension are the cause of great injury,” which appears again and again, but it is as the passage states. Christ’s admonition, “Judge not” has the same meaning. The important thing is to judge your own merits and faults rather than those of others. To be unconcerned with and indifferent to what others do is what should really be done.
     Astonishingly still, there are followers who say or think ideas such as that person is not doing much, so even if Meishu-sama does not take notice, he is overlooking it out of compassion. Or else, because it is so difficult to talk about, Meishu-sama is leaving the situation as is. Since that is the case, then we should act as Meishu-sama’s deputy and caution that person. Such ways of thinking are a great mistake, and they are rather offensive to me. Offensive it is to be thought indulgent, as such a pushover. Just think about it. Even if all these utterances had any basis, how could I do the wonderful work of saving all of humanity and fighting to prevail over the giant demons of evil. Therefore, it is indeed “kind” persons like this who to me look not simply wishy-washy but as infants, toddlers. They embody as I have previously described, “the indulgence of looking indulgently at an unindulgent person.”
     As my followers know, there is not one individual nowadays who does not possess toxins. This condition is physical, but it is the same spiritually, as there is not one person without fault, it is through God’s purification that they will be saved. Also, the memorable phrase “Idiot! When I think about it, that is me” could be rephrased, “Indulgent person, when I think about it, that is me.” Since I am on this subject, let me add one more point. To the extent that is necessary I can see into the heart of anybody. It is just that I do not talk about what I know, and people may fret that Meishu-sama does not realize certain things. I am perfectly aware of these things, but I am quiet about them and leave them up to God. That is because, for those who will not reform, God will either pick them out and throw them away, or in cases of evil, will resolve the problem by confiscating their lives. Up to now, there have been several instances of individuals like this, so members of long-standing will know what I am talking about. Thus, for me who leaves all matters in God’s hands, I am always calm, carefree, composed and feel as though a spring breeze were passing through me. As such, from where I stand, it would be fair to say that most of the world looks to be indulgent, like pushovers. Whether heroes on the world scene or personages in Japan, I am very pained to say that they all seem like hopelessly soft-hearted spoiled brats. Among those, the most soft-hearted are those who would commit evil. An interesting aspect in this regard is Sayo Kitamura, founder of the much-talked about Dancing Religion. She would look at a person’s face and call them maggots. Her way of expressing it was rather crude, but I do believe she got it right. I have wandered quite a bit from the topic of judging others, so I will close here.

Eikô, Issue 208, May 13, 1953
 translation by cynndd

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