Great Construction

An Example of Misconstruction

     The testimonial below is a typical example of misdirected thinking that often occurs, and because in this instance God has given an important lesson, I have attached the account here. In short, this testimonial teaches, “Depend on God; do not rely on human beings.” What this means is that you have received the power of Johrei, so healing your own diseases yourself is the proper thing to do. Think about it. You have been given the power to heal the diseases of others, so there is no reason why you should not be able to heal your own diseases. Such conviction is essential. When people depart from this reasoning, there will be no blessings, so care should be taken not to diverge from reason. Otherwise, much effort will still bear no fruit, and the only result will be needless suffering. In other words, your conviction is essential. Take this point to heart and keep your conviction an important facet of your faith.

Saved from Appendicitis

                        Sachiko Hidaka, 32
                        Kumamoto Prefecture
                        Nankô Church

     Thank you, Meishu-sama, for the blessings that I daily receive. For the purification of my appendix that I have recently been given I would like to express my gratitude as well as convey my apologies.
     In order to attend the service at the Kumamoto Branch on May 18, my husband set off from home the day before. At that time, having been asked, I had gone to visit the home of Mr. Shigehiko Yoshikawa who was experiencing purification and to channel Johrei to him. On the afternoon of the eighteenth I again visited the home and channeled Johrei, after which I visited the home of a neighbor, Mr. Sasaki, to whom I also channeled Johrei. It was past seven o’clock in the evening by the time I got home and was able to give my thanks in front of the altar. A little while later, I felt a pain in the lower right side of my abdomen, and then gradually pain in the back of my head and my back increased. Pain is purification, and feeling thankful, I temporarily rested in front of the altar, thinking it would help to relieve the pain, and channeled Johrei to myself. But the pain only increased. My appendix! There was definitely pain like the piercing of needles in the area of my appendix together with fever in the area of my waist on the right side. A little later severe pain all over the lower abdomen region also started. I had had the experience of channeling Johrei to and helping to heal the appendices of several persons. A young man named Mr. Oshita had been diagnosed by a doctor with an appendicitis and had been hurried to the hospital for an immediate surgical operation. The parents had come to me to go to the hospital at seven o’clock that evening and I channeled Johrei to him three or four times during the evening. The next morning when I awoke, Oshita had arisen and had been completely healed. Also, a youth named Yasu had recovered enough to go back to work in three days. Autumn last year, on the night before I was to leave to attend a branch service, my husband’s appendix had been healed in one night through Johrei channeled several times. Members channeled to him the following day and in three days he was ready to go out helping other people again.
     But on the night of my appendicitis, the person I would ask for Johrei, my husband, was absent, and neither my younger sister, Naoko, nor any of the other members on whom I would otherwise ask, were around. My eight-month-old daughter, Miyoko, was crying for milk, but my pain was only increasing. It got late, and I remember that I had not even locked the front door, but I could just not move. My hand was focused over my lower abdominal region as I rested, but my eyes opened widely at the sharpness of the pain. My eyes went directly to the tokonoma and the photograph of Meishu-sama in the altar. At that moment, a word by Meishu-sama that my husband is always repeating came to mind: “thought.” I realized that it was not my husband I should ask, not my sister, nor the members. I should ask and rely only on Meishu-sama, a point known to all members, but inexplicably I clearly realized this important fact. What came to my mind was not only this error in thought that had lasted for a few hours but also the fact that I was blessed daily with divine protection and that I had allowed myself to be carried away with my own selfish, shojo interpretation. I apologized to Meishu-sama. I could only repeat, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” to Meishu-sama and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. When I finally awoke, I still had some pain but felt it was gradually going away. The next day I received Johrei from members and by evening my husband had returned from the branch service and I received Johrei from him. Thanks to Meishu-sama, on the third day after the onset of pain, I was able to return to housework.
     Meishu-sama, thank you very much. As well as conveying my gratitude, I can only continue to apologize to you for healing my appendix as well as awakening me to the error in my thought.
     Thank you very much, Meishu-sama.

Eikô, Issue 222, August 19, 1953
 translation by cynndd