Great Construction

God and the Glass Bead

     The fundamental point of my teaching about the error of medical science is that the study of healing is included within the field of science. The principle that composes all in the universe distinguishes human beings from everything apart from human as totally different and holds as well that the essence of the human differs fundamentally from that of the non-human. These differences exist because the human being is sovereign on this planet, and everything else is subordinate and subject to human beings, the rulers. The subordinate is moved in accord with the free will of human beings to protect and maintain human beings, and each individual subordinate fulfills its necessary role in maintaining human life. In simple terms, the difference is as between a lord and his retainers.
     In accordance with this principle, it is natural that all apart from human beings be changed and developed in accordance with the material science created by human beings. Due to this development the wonderful civilization of the present has been achieved. But astonishing discoveries of the recent past such as in the nuclear sciences have led human beings who observe these realities to be overwhelmed by science and to lead them to think that “anything not perceived by the five senses is non-scientific,” one phrase deemed appropriate today by people to answer appeals for critiques of material science. Such thought has become prevalent in society and is so strong among intellectuals that it has become a mark of people of culture. The form differs but this way of thinking is in no way unlike that of members of superstitious, heretical faiths. As a result, this thought has infringed upon the domain of caring for human life which in no way belongs to the field of science. Because this field is medical science, this invasion could rightly be called illegitimate rebellion. The cultural invader known as medical science is of course not a true healing practice, and using this form of non-healing science try to uncover the mysteries of life is the same as looking for fish in trees.
     This is the sense in which I use facts to point out the fallacies of medical science, to try to open the eyes of medical practitioners, and to teach the true practice of healing, so my work is the intention of God. As such, there is no power on this earth possible to heal disease other than the power of God. To explain this in more thorough terms, nowadays medical science holds that the cause of diseases are germs. Well known are the epochal advances made by medical science upon the discovery of germs. In spite of the fact that since this discovery for a long time further results have not met expectations, the idea that germs cause disease is a fallacy which continues to be held as an article of faith in the same way as superstitions such as those embraced by the members of heretical religions where nothing else may enter the field of vision, even when results are opposite to what is expected.
     As mentioned previously, research is being directed and advanced based on the firm belief that all disease comes from germs and that if only germs could be exterminated, the problem of all diseases would be solved. Therefore, since the glass bead known as the microscope holds the key to medical science, this glass bead embodies an existence greater than that of the Almighty God Who controls human life, which makes the lord of all primates truly pathetic. When religion is considered through the brains of people with such a mentality, it is only natural that the existence of God is denied. Once understanding descends to such a point, that medical science would recklessly slice up the precious human body also becomes only natural. Such is the sense in which the work of salvation that I am now conducting is a battle between God and glass beads, and, leaving it to the reader’s imagination as to which side will prevail, the next important point I would like to make concerns the limitations of what is visible with microscopy. The degree of magnification possible is taken these days to be two hundred thousand times, which means that research now is being conducted to find and kill germs within the range of a magnification of two hundred thousand. The true size of germs, however, is much smaller than some two hundred thousand times. Nay, their size is less than a million times and could may well be far more infinitesimal than ten million times. Indeed, the smallness of their size can be estimated to have no limit. For example, just as we refer to the skies above as stretching infinitely large, so too is the world of germs infinitely small. So, if we say that germs are the cause of the problem, and as there is no doubt that germs are infinitesimally small, for science to be able to kill all germs with its limited power is impossible. It is only right that the limitless cause of disease be handled by a limitless power.
     What I mean by limitless power is of course the power of God, God’s light. The instrument that is exercising this light freely and flexibly is a specific human being, and that human being is me. Observing the actual exercise of this healing power which is presently being manifested will demonstrate this power more than necessary, and when further observed there should surely be no doubt of the trend that shows more and more an increase in the number of individuals who believe in this power. Difficult as it is for me to say, all know that whether in the past or the present there has to yet appear in the world a human being who wields such super human power. My appearance is the very manifestation of the ancient phrase, “union of God and man.” Therefore, as can be understood from reading, what this essay teaches is a dissection of the divine, the source of human life. My work could also be called the gospel of heaven, an enlightenment of truth, of deep mysteries and non polarities, which the holy ones, including the three great saints, Jesus, Shakyamuni, and Mohammed, were unable to explain.

Eikô, Issue 225, September 9, 1953
 translation by cynndd