Great Construction

What Is a Miracle?

     A miracle is said to be that which is not supposed to be that actually is. It is something that neither logic, science, nor experience can explain, which is why a miracle is called miracle. Miracles do not occur regularly but do occur suddenly at unexpected places and times, so they are easily mistaken for coincidences. Since antiquity, miracles have been held to occur mostly among believers of a faith, but this is not necessarily so. Miracles do occur among non-believers, although these instances are extremely rare, and it is usually the case that miracles among non-believers are overlooked. Even among religious miracles, however, are varieties of degree and of frequency, so generalizations cannot be made. What is true, however, is that the more conspicuous, the more numerous the miracles, the more the preeminent becomes the religion.
     There is probably no precedent in the world for the large number of miracles in World Messianity. World Messianity can be called a religion of miracles. The conventional wisdom of society is that the stronger the faith, the more one is rewarded with miraculous material benefits, but on this point World Messianity differs greatly, nay, it is completely opposite. World Messianity does not follow conventional wisdom as miracles actually come to those who from the first have denied God and have harbored all manner of doubt. For example, patients in grave conditions who have been forsaken by doctors will doubt completely when they come to World Messianity, but they still receive the same miracles. Upon receiving Johrei, marvelous effects appear and they are astonished. Close relations to believers of World Messianity frequently receive miraculous blessings even though they themselves do not have faith.
     There is nothing coincidental about the substance of the miracles of World Messianity. They occur for a reason which I will now describe. To make the point easier for modern people to understand, I will follow the scientific way of explaining. When new inventions and discoveries are conceived in science, a theory is proposed on which experiments are conducted. Experiments in the empirical sciences on the plane of physical substance back up the research of the theoretical sciences, confirming the discovery. Dr. Hideki Yukawa’s meson theory followed such a course. His discovery of the meson in theoretical physics was confirmed as a discovery on a global scale when an American scientist just happened to notice several nuclei that appeared while photographing cosmic rays. However, in my case the process has not been the same, but rather both the theory and the actuality of my discovery I have grasped and announced to the world at the same time. The discovery is divine theoretical science and as support is corroborative evidence. That is the evidence of the some one hundred and twenty accounts of miracles in this book. These accounts are all written by the individuals concerned, and apart from the elements of faith, are scientific proof of the miracle. No exaggeration it is to say that these miracles belong to the highest level of science, one that greatly surpasses present levels. A tremendous subject for study, indeed unprecedented in the history of civilization, has been introduced.

God Works Miracles, page 1, 1953, 1954
 translation by cynndd