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The Spirit Precedes the Physical (God Works Miracles)

    As discussed in the previous chapter, when I refer to contemporary science I mean of course material science, that is, science based on materialism. Because material science has been developed on the basis of the research of only what is visible to the eye, studying forms that can be touched by the hand, what has come to be understood amounts only to the surface of material phenomena, and material science does not perceive an important something that exists within. This something is equivalent to material nothing and is what is called spirit.
     This something called spirit is the main essence of all phenomena, and as long as this truth cannot be recognized, no matter how much material science may be said to have progressed, it is only halfway progress, and thus handicapped, a true culture has no way of coming about. When this truth has been clarified, for the first time will all the issues and problems that have remained unsolvable until today become easily resolved. Such will occur because in all of the universe, spirit is primary and the physical is secondary. That the spirit precedes the physical is a law of all in creation.
     To give one example, the movement of the arms, legs, and body of a human being that depends on the orders relayed by the unseen will comes under this same law. The body does not move on its own. And so with miracles that have their beginnings in spirit and are reflected to the physical. Thus can this law, this principle, be recognized. I will start my explanation with disease since its occurrence is the easiest to perceive.
     Disease is a phenomena that appears on the physical body; it is a result whose source is in the spirit. What happens is that in one or more places on the spirit clouds form and they are reflected to the physical body where they become disease. It is clear that if these clouds are removed, the condition will be cured. Since the source of disease is in the spirit, it is only natural that these conditions are not healed by medical science which treats only the physical body. This is why medical science is called symptomatic treatment. When this situation is considered, as contemporary medical science is completely misdirected, it must perceive its mistake and start all over again as soon as possible.
     Furthermore, as a result of this ignorance, the present situation has been created in which so many victims who anguish in their tragic fate can no longer be ignored. Rejoice, however, because God’s salvation has now arrived. That is, the great task of correcting this mistaken, erroneous medical science has been entrusted by God to me. This error, this mistake is not only of medical science. This error extends to every aspect of culture.
     Let me give an example. This error reflects in the great amount of crime. As with disease, crime is a result that appears on the surface, and its cause lies in spirit, that is, on the soul. In spite of which, because this relationship is not perceived, solving the problem of crime is attempted through the application of penalties, that is, like the symptomatic treatments of medical science. As these are only temporary bandages, no matter how much effort is expended, crime continues unchanged, like sand on the seashore.
     Therefore, as we call for the very reconstruction of the soul, which is not possible without religion, this truth must be perceived as soon as possible. Thus, as is clear from the two important facts previously cited, because the cause of all ills in society lies in ignoring spirit, miracles are the method that can inform completely the world of this truth.  

God Works Miracles, page 3, September 10, 1953
translated by cynndd

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