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This is How Small Pox Is Healed

     All members of this church know how superior the results of Johrei can be, and the account below shows this unequivocally. For some reason, small pox is breaking out all over the country this year, and these cases are especially pernicious, what is being called purpura small pox. Intriguingly, though, people who have been vaccinated against small pox strangely come down with the disease. I do not know whether or not medical science understands what is going on, but I have yet to hear a scientific medical explanation. Because small pox is designated by law as a contagious disease, we are obliged to refrain from offering assistance in the beginning stages, but since in actual practice any case of small pox is usually cured within a week, there is no reason to fear it since it can be healed without vaccination or using disinfectants or any other such troublesome measures. Those actually involved in this example will not need any more encouragement, but since there will be disinterested third parties who will find interest in this account, I attach it here.


Happy at small pox healed
four months after joining the church

                        Kunie Takahashi, 23
Hiroshima, Japan

     I would like to report the joy I feel after only four months of joining the church, of having been saved personally from the depths of suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, pleurisy, and peritonitis, and also of having been able to completely heal my sister’s daughter of a genuine case of small pox in a very short time.
     I am writing from the bottom of my heart to express my appreciation for the happiness of my niece being saved by God through recovery without any pockmarks within the period of one week from the small pox that is so dreaded by those who deny the existence of God.
     It started on February twenty-fifth. I had not been to my sister’s home for a while, so I went to visit, but I found that their daughter, Mariko, then one year five months old, had had what they thought was a water blister for three days, and her mother was worried sick. Half of her face was swollen with eruptions and rashes. She had a fever and was whimpering, so I immediately channeled Johrei to her. The following day when I stopped by on my way back home from work, her condition had worsened, with more rashes spreading across her entire face. Rashes had also appeared on her hands and feet and the skin all over her body was swollen to the point she could not walk. While channeling Johrei to Mariko, I told her and her mother that congenital toxins were coming out, so not to worry, but my sister said that the condition was so terrible, she was going to see a doctor the next day. Resignedly, I implored my sister to at least not have Mariko injected with any medicine and then went home. Right away I told Rev. Takahashi (minister of this church) about the situation and told him that Mariko’s condition was just so bad, my sister was going to make time to go see the doctor that day. The next day, I went to receive Johrei from Rev. Watanabe, and on the way home, I stopped at my sister’s house. Before I even got in the door, I could smell the disinfectant. My heart trembled with a bad premonition as I entered the door to find my uncle moping around. He told me that when my sister had taken Mariko to a clinic, the doctor had immediately quarantined her at Joto Hospital suspecting smallpox. My sister and her husband were at Mariko’s side, and my uncle was practically in tears not knowing what to do.
     I was surprised to hear that at the same time that Mariko had been admitted to the hospital, the authorities had conducted emergency vaccinations in the seven neighborhoods surrounding Mariko’s house, involving some two thousand people and had disinfected Mariko’s house with cresol. I thought I must go to the hospital and channel Johrei to Mariko as much as I can, and so praying to God I headed for the hospital. At the hospital, I did not know where to go but guided by the cries of a child, I found Mariko’s room. My sister and her husband were happy to see me, but Mariko’s condition was worse. Her face was even more swollen, and because of the rashes, she could not close her lips which had changed to a purple color much larger than those of an adult. Her eyes were barely open and she had so many rashes on her ears that they had changed shape. She did not look like anything of this world. It was more terrible than any horrible picture I had ever seen, the first time I was to see such a terrifying face. All over, her skin had turned purple and was covered with beads the size of pearls filled with puss. Her face was the worst. Balls of puss were piled one on top of the other. The hole of her nose and the area around her eyes were so swollen, they were a different shape. The instant I looked at her I felt as if someone had poured cold water over my head. When Mariko had been vaccinated for small pox, the vaccine had not taken and she had come down with whooping cough, but now her condition was more terrible than usual cases of small pox.
     Seeing Mariko’s appearance which had completely changed in three days, all I could do was pray to God for blessings while channeling Johrei. My sister told me that specialized tests would show whether Mariko had a water blister or smallpox, so Mariko’s case was receiving a lot of attention. Officials from the public health offices of prefectural and municipal governments had visited about every thirty minutes. She also said that officials from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and from the American Army’s Occupation staff had been there as well. Relying on God, I channeled Johrei with all my heart. I did not hear what my sister was saying to me. I only continued to channel Johrei to Mariko and to my sister. I talked to my sister about God’s salvation for about an hour, praying in my heart that Mariko’s disease be diagnosed as a water blister. The doctor came around to check two times but I kept on channeling Johrei. I continued channeling in this manner for two, three days. On the evening of the twenty-third, I went to the home of Rev. Takahashi, from whom I usually sought guidance. After the pleasantries were over, Rev. Takahashi told me, “Akiko, don’t be surprised but Mariko has been diagnosed with smallpox,” and showed me the newspaper. Sure enough, in big letters was the headline, “Smallpox Appears in Nagoya.” The same day, the same report appeared on the three o’clock and seven o’clock news on the radio. I thought to myself, “Ah, smallpox, that poor girl will become pockmarked,” and I felt my the blood draining from my insides. Unconsciously, I immediately went to the altar and prayed the Zengen Sanji. I then asked Rev. Takahashi what would happen. He opened a book of teachings, Gospel of Heaven, and read for a while. Then he said, “It says that smallpox heals in a week. Johrei will be effective, so rest assured.” But seeing what was written in the newspapers about how her whole body was covered in terrible bumps and rashes made me feel uneasy and I was fidgeting, but Rev. Takahashi said, “Only the truth is written in the teachings so you do not have to worry one bit,” and I was able to settle down a little. All I could do was continue to pray earnestly to God for protection. In about a week, the rashes all over her body formed scabs, then fell like beans one after another, and her whole body healed, without any scars.
     To a man, the doctors were baffled, saying, “This is strange. This is the first time someone in Japan has come down with smallpox and yet recovered with such perfect skin. Out of one hundred children who have not been vaccinated and who catch this disease, one hundred usually die, but she has not only survived, she has become so energetic so quickly. There is no parallel for this girl’s case.” Other features of Mariko’s case are that usually when someone contracts smallpox, the condition is so itchy, the patient cannot stand it and even adults scratch and squeeze the rash, that they usually have a fever and then die, but Mariko was not itchy, and that she only had a fever once in the beginning, and her swollen skin returned within five days to its original size, not unlike any other youngster her age. So many other strange things continued that at the last moment of her hospital stay, there was a surge of people from distant public health offices who came to see Mariko’s condition because they simply could not understand what was happening. Prefectural and national health officials as well could only comment on how strange it was. I also heard that puss samples taken from the rashes on her legs when they were at their worst were injected into three rabbits and that all had died.
     Mariko had been just skin and bones, but within a month of her recovery, she filled out, her complexion became good, and her eyes became beautiful and clear. Watching her wear regular shoes and running around outside, not one trace of a scar that could be thought of as coming from smallpox could be seen. All her relatives and neighbors had thought that even if Mariko lived, she would be pockmarked, and they all were simply amazed at the great power of God.
  I cannot begin to express my thanks for the blessings and miracles I have received. I would like all materialistically-inclined scientists to know about this precious miracle as soon as possible. It is such a blessing that infectious diseases thought to be so terrifying can be healed so easily without leaving any trace! Not only was I saved from the depths of sickness, but my sister’s child as well was healed by God’s compassionate hands. These are only one small part of the many blessings I have received that I am able to report here. Under the direction of all the ministers, I am working hard to tell as many suffering people as possible about the construction of paradise on earth.
     Meishu-sama, thank you very much.

Note: Formerly resident of Nagoya, maiden name, Akiko Mizuno (April 16, 1951)

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