Great Construction

Reputation and the Emotions

     Everyone is aware that whether a person’s reputation is good or bad has unforeseen connections to that person’s fate. It is often said that certain people have good reputations so they can be trusted or that other people have bad reputations so watch out for them, and the extent to which the fate of an individual is influenced by  reputation is probably impossible to calculate. Of course there is nothing better than having a good reputation, and since this matters greatly in the practice of faith, I will discuss that topic.
     The use of reputation is most favored by the evil forces which is why until now World Messianity has been targeted. Evil forces use the various institutions of public expression to spread bad rumors about World Messianity and blacken its reputation. Due to this situation, the development of World Messianity has received not a little harmful influence, so we do have to be alert. This is particularly so on the individual level. Human beings are swayed by their emotions, so harming the emotions in even a little way can lead to unforeseen disadvantageous situations. In these cases, one should not insist on one’s position. Even if one’s opponents are slightly mistaken, the magnanimous thing to do is just nod as if one has heard the statement and not react. Whatever happens, do not try to win; try to lose. Winning by losing is winning expresses the concept well. I always try to follow that course, and contrary to the expectations of others the results are good.
     But even if one sets a course to lose, there are instances when circumstances indicate that losing is not good. This rarely happens. Usually, in eight or nine cases out of ten, one can profit by losing. Christ taught this truth when he declared before being crucified, “I have overcome the world.” In my experiences throughout many long years, it is through the practice of continually trying to lose that has brought me to my present situation. It is only human to have one’s heart set on winning, and everyone is dead set against losing, but it is quite sufficient if you think in the reverse.

Eikō, Issue 232, October 28, 1953
translated by cynndd

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“Hyōban to Kanjō,” published in Eikō, Issue 232, October 28, 1953, too late for inclusion in any of the anthologies that immediately preceded and followed Meishu-sama’s death, has appeared in translation. Citation is given below for reference.

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