Great Construction

A Test of Johrei Healing

     As any follower of World Messianity knows, in two recently published books, Salvation for Americans and Faith Healing for Tuberculosis, as well as in the newspaper Eikô and the journal Chijôtengoku which I have been publishing for several years now, I point out the defects of contemporary medical science and write quite pointedly on the truth of how medical science creates disease, and as I have disseminated these writings so that in addition to my followers, the authorities and those at the higher levels of other areas of society as well are able to read as much as possible about my ideas, it is quite certain that these publications have come before the eyes of those related to the medical profession, but I do wonder why as of the present there has not been any sort of reaction. I had thought that the authorities and the medical associations, unable to leave my declarations alone, would certainly come to cross-examine me and demand an explanation, but no such thing has occurred. I may be unwilling to admit defeat, but the situation is disappointing. Disappointing as I had rather looked forward to the confrontation, because I believe that such a debate would serve to spread my message to the public more quickly.
     Never in the course of the history of the world has there been such a tremendous problem. Probably there exists no more tremendously good tidings than that of the appearance of the resolution of the greatest issue for human beings, the elimination of disease and the possibility of a natural life span, indeed the realization of a dream. Therefore, to get the public to understand the severity of the problem, ordinary means will not suffice. As there is no other way of convincing people than through the facts, what I have conceived is an arrangement along the following lines. To begin with, I would be invited to an event where I will perform an experiment. Doctors will be chosen from among the best hospitals of the nation, like those of the imperial universities, and they will thoroughly question me about patients they have selected, having me diagnose and explain their conditions. In this question and answer session, I will explain in complete detail and show in actual practice so that all observing will be completely convinced. In front of the doctors, with a gentle wave of my hand, one after another I will heal completely the sufferings of the patients and demonstrate the outstanding effectiveness of Johrei healing. Such is a very bold offer, which is because I of course have complete conviction.
     Given that a sufficient level of understanding of and recognition for Johrei has been attained through the means and methods outlined above, my proposal moves to the next level. If, throughout the experiments previously conducted, there is even a hint of discrepancy, I am thoroughly prepared to bear whatever responsibility and submit to any substantial sanctions or punishment. I would probably resign myself to the inevitability that I would be consigned to oblivion, never to speak again. There are no grounds for thinking that there is any reason I would commit such an obvious suicidal act. Therefore, if this essay or one of the many works that I have so far published is perused, the reader should have no reason not to immediately start to study and investigate my work. And, in addition to attending sessions of the experiments and the questionings that I have just outlined, if the results of these sessions are as I have started, then what I have to advocate is something that should be taken up by the government as a major issue for investigation. In which case, revisions to laws will be necessary, so naturally it will become an issue for presentation to the Diet, but another important issue will be relief measures for those in professions related to medical science. This is a very awkward, troubling issue, and since it would be better to gradually transition in order that the number of victims, those adversely affected, is small, there is no doubt that quite an amount of time will be required until the matter is completely settled.
      In this essay I have simply put down to paper hastily that which came to mind. The issue of health and healing is a tremendous one, unprecedented in the history of civilization, so resolution and settlement by the authorities will not be easy. In spite of the problems, however, sooner or later decisions will have to be reached, so the faster resolution of this problem is effected, the better. As my teachings are put into motion, the lives of Japan’s citizens will be saved, and by extension great will be the influence on the fortunes of the nation, so in as most a deliberate way as possible, my work must be adopted at the soonest possible moment. Even when this point is understood, however, even if there may be any hesitation in putting it into action, time will not permit protraction. By day and by month the number of practitioners of therapy is increasing, so when the future is considered, there is no reprieve. The point is, even if individual interest may require sacrifice, the happiness and welfare of the people of the nation should be considered. If this goal is carried out without obstruction, there would come about a Japan free of disease, the prosperity of the nation would be assured, it would become inevitable that the world would seek to learn from our example, and that Japan would be esteemed as a savior. The stains and blots of the Japanese people would be eradicated, and a shining Japan would become a symbol of peace. For this reason do I dare to call out to the elite and intellectuals of Japan.

Eikô, Issue 239, December 16, 1953
 translation by cynndd