Record of Oral Teachings, Issue 29
January 15, 1954

December 17, 1953

      These days in all respects, in all areas of life, things do not go well, do not go smoothly. I am speaking here about members of the general public, but because there are so few times when things do turn out well, whether in politics or in any other various fields of endeavor, all is just a series of mistakes. Someone once said that glife is a stream of regrets,h and this statement is most apt. Human beings live each day in regret. In the same vein, whatever people try to do or accomplish is a stream of failures. In the field of politics in general, whether in government or in political parties, whatever may be said, things do not proceed smoothly. Because of this, suffering continues constantly. The cause of this state is, whether people know of the existence of God or not and members know about the existence of God so there is no problem, that these people lack a sense of justice. I have written about justice in this sense from various angles.
Reading of essay, gSense of Righteousnessh (Eikô, Issue 240, December 23, 1953)
     Those who have become members know about medicinal toxins, but what is not truly realized is how much toxins each person has. Most underestimate the amount. It is very large, however. A while ago I wrote somewhere that it is almost impossible to eliminate all toxins during a lifetime. Indeed, all medicinal toxins cannot be removed during the life of an individual. It probably will take two or three generations. Once the toxins are removed, though, the human being will not get sick and will live for over a hundred years. But in the meantime, medicinal toxins will be a burden and a bother. After a particularly severe bout of scabies, some people may think that they have removed most of their toxins, but that is not so at all. There are various kinds of toxins, and people can have anywhere from three up to six kinds. A great amount are eliminated during the purification of scabies, but these are all small pox toxins. Small pox toxins are inherited toxins. You may think that after a severe case of scabies that you are now purified, but then you experience another severe purification. Subsequent purifications occur because only a part of the toxins have been removed. You will not go wrong in thinking that the amount of toxins you have is limitless. Most of the toxins will come out in the form of bloody pus, the kind of bloody pus that oozes from swollen boils. We all have lots of this kind of toxin. If you take the bloody pus toxins out of a human body, you are left with only skin and bones. An example of this are the instances of obese persons who have had severe purification and afterwards become very scrawny. These people may think that their toxins are gone because they have thinned down, but if they really did get rid of all their toxins at one time, only skin and bones would be left. I like to say it is a good thing we human beings have skin because if we didnft, we would see right away how impure and dirty we all are. The women society considers to be beautiful, strippers and such, have beautiful bodies. We also see these types in oil paintings and so forth, but that beauty is only skin deep and the inside is soiled, impure. We should all appreciate the skin which covers over our impurities. Women should particularly be grateful. As medicinal toxins are eliminated, women become beautiful. Cosmetics become unnecessary. There is a maid in my household who has never taken medicine of any kind in her whole life, and she is truly beautiful. She looks so beautiful, people may wonder what kind of cosmetics she uses. She is a marvelous walking example of what I am talking about. Thus, there is no telling how beautiful women could become if they did not take medicines. I am sure that over a thousands years ago women were truly beautiful. One of the standards for Japanese feminine beauty, the ninth-century poetess Ono no Komachi, probably had ingested quite an amount of Chinese herbal medicine, but I am quite sure she still must have been quite a beautiful woman. When we think about this, the people of today are truly foolish. They try all sorts of measures and spend great amounts of money on cosmetics for the outside of their bodies. The inside of the body is already dirtied from the medicinal toxins ingested, and then the inside of the body is further contaminated by the cosmetics that soak through, permeating the skin from outside the body. People are not aware of what is happening and use more and more cosmetics. Cosmetics are commodities, and when we speak of newspaper advertisements, the advertisements for medicines and cosmetics spring to mind first. The error that leads to the accumulation of toxins within the physical body, as I have described above, permits pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to make large sums of money. They consume much time and effort, and a lot of money is used up in order to create the seeds of disease. The phrase gultimate follyh is still not enough to describe the situation, and adding one more gultimateh would more aptly illustrate the predicament. There is no way other than Johrei to eliminate these toxins quickly and I have written about Johrei in this sense.
Reading of essay, gThe Pride of Japanh (Eikô, Issue 241, January 1, 1954)
     As I have just said, the inside of the human body is the most impure. There are various sorts of impure elements. We may think of feces as being dirty, but bloody pus is even dirtier. Human beings, the Lords of all Creation, are the most dirty, so it is only natural that various types of parasites breed within the human bowels. The bodies of people are alive and not rotting nor decaying, and so to have parasites breed within the body shows how dirty it is. There are various kinds of these parasites, worms, germs. Tapeworms are extremely large, but there are varieties of small kinds as well. The smallest is the intestinal round worm. It is a very strangely, noodle-shaped animal, and in those people in whom these worms breed, they just seem to pour out as noodles bundled together. The fact that these worms breed within the human body is truly mysterious. Animals so small as to be invisible to the human eye are tuberculosis germs, but even these are still small animals, so they breed. Some of these germs are contagious, but they breed and spread because of the impurity. Germs will not grow and breed if put on a clean surface because they have nothing to feed on, and the fact that these germs are alive means that they have enough resources to maintain their own lives. So, human beings should stop being so full of themselves. Simply put, human beings are just a nest of worms. If it were only a nest, that would be all right, but the physical human body not only nurtures, it breeds and produces these worms, so you can see how dirty and impure our bodies are. In order to make our world into a world of beauty, as in the phrase a gworld of truth, virtue, and beauty,h I believe this transition process must first of all begin inside the bodies of human beings. Human beings in general do not realize how bad their situation is, and they think pretty highly of themselves, but I do think it very important to understand the severity of the problem, but humanity remains unaware of this point, and investigates new varieties of germs and worms, and scientists seek to discover more. Why these types of germs and worms breed within the human body in the first place, remains unknown. The explanation may be considered of a rather low level, but the reason is simple. When people try to look into why germs and worms breed within the abdomen, they cannot understand the reason and they resign themselves to thinking that that is the way things are. But it is most strange that humanity has been so stupid, probably better to say extremely stupid, not discover the origin of germs. From our point of view, even though human beings have considered themselves civilized and educated and learned, they are still foolishly ignorant of basic, important matters. That is why expressions such as gultimate folly,h which I just used, come out of my mouth. There is no way other than Johrei to solve the problem of germs and worms, so when we say that tuberculosis has been cured, it means that the tubercular germs have been killed with Johrei. This means that the dirty environment in which germs and worms need to exist has become clean. The conditions in which these small animals can breed disappear, so the conditions under which they can continue to live disappear as well. Healing disease is a simple matter. Medical science has it backwards because medical science while trying to cure disease actually creates the conditions for the generation and continued life of germs, and thus, of disease. Mentioned in an article in the newspaper either today or yesterday was the fact that until now it was thought that Japan had fewer cases of cancer than the West, but it appears that Japan is actually no different from the West. It used to be generally estimated that the number of deaths from cancer in Japan was one third less than that of the West, but when the actual cause of the deaths by sickness in Japan were carefully investigated, those caused by cancer rose by one third. This shows Japan has the same rate of death from cancer as foreign countries.
     Cancer comes from medicinal poisons, so it should really be called medicinal poison cancer. Another cause of cancer is the eating of meat. I have written about the poison that comes about from eating meat in my book, Salvation for Americans. Vegetables exist to eliminate the poisons caused by meat. Which means that those who get cancer have not eaten enough vegetables. When the amount of vegetables consumed is insufficient, the excess poisons from the meat mix with the medicinal poisons already in the body. With Johrei, the medicinal poisons are eliminated as well as the poisons from meat. I have mentioned this episode before, but there was a period when my appetite continued to decrease each year, which I thought peculiar, and one time when I had looked at the area of the solar plexus, the pit of my stomach, I discovered what appeared to be a bone, and I thought that even though people usually donft have a bone there, perhaps I differ from other people about this, so I didnft give it much more thought. But it still concerned me so I started to channel Johrei to the area occasionally. After a while, the growth slowly started to dissolve. The gboneh was stomach cancer. When laying down to sleep, I made it a point of channeling Johrei to myself for a few brief moments each time, and gradually the gboneh diminished in size. And, as the growth grew smaller, my appetite gradually increased. In fact, after a while, I was eating double the amount of the previous year. When you think about it, cancer is actually c. But in my case, it didnft hurt at all, it was just a growth as hard as bone. There are a lot of people like this, so this is a serious problem. When I think about when my condition must have started, it was probably around the time I had typhus when I was twenty-eight. At that time, the doctor misdiagnosed the typhus as pneumonia and I was given a great amount of medicine for pneumonia. Before the pneumonia medicine, my stomach had not felt well, and I had taken stomach medicine, so on top of the stomach medicine, I took the pneumonia medicine, so I ingested quite an amount of medicine at the time. It was after I recovered from the typhus that I found when I ate, I could only eat a certain amount, and no more. I thought this strange, and well, you know the rest. With Johrei, the amount of stomach cancer was reduced. It has decreased by about two-thirds, and if the stomach cancer were completely gone, I would most likely have even a bigger appetite than now and probably be fat. But, my life span has been extended by fifteen to twenty years. It is truly astounding. If you yourself think your appetite might be off, look at the area around the pit of your stomach, the solar plexus region. Almost everyone has this kind of growth, big or small, hard or soft. The longer the toxins and condition, the harder the growth. I had mine for about forty years. Medicinal toxins can indeed be very old and they donft decrease. They just harden. I have been talking about rather foul things, so letfs turn to nicer matters.
     Just a little while ago, I went to the museum construction site, and the approach road has largely been completed. Also, a location with a panoramic view will be constructed. On the site, there will be a round, glass structure with a view. Thinking about the name for it, there is a magnificent building made of glass called the Crystal Palace in England, but the word gpalaceh has such grandiose associations so our structure has instead been named Crystal House. Even the name gCrystal Househ might not seem appropriate, but the other possibilities such as gpavilion,h ghermitage,h or gtowerh are rather presumptuous. The Crystal House was originally a basic semi-circle design but it has been given more depth, so it is larger than the original plan. This is because we could see there will be many visitors who come to visit, and we wanted the newspapers and magazines to come and take lots of photographs in order to introduce the place nationally and internationally. Everyone thinks that they would like to go and visit nice places, so we hope many people will indeed come. An American journalist said recently that just as it is quite worthwhile in Japan to visit and see cultural properties in Western Japan such as are in Kyoto and Nara, the miniature paradises on earth in Hakone and Atami in Eastern Japan will be their equivalent. The journalist expressed in words exactly what I had been thinking. The Atami museum will be greater than the one in Hakone, and the works that will be exhibited will be marvelous pieces, a little different from what is being exhibited now in Hakone. I have been holding some items back from exhibition in Hakone for this. The Atami museum will be a lot better than the Hakone one. Its area will be more than double. The scale will be grand, and together with the view from the Crystal House, Atami will really be wonderful. People will flock to come. I am thinking about setting the entrance fee at one hundred yen, so the revenue will be considerable. I am not doing this to make money, but there is nothing wrong with making money. I have other plans as well. In both Hakone and Atami, the scale will have to be enlarged. A paradise on earth will have to be constructed in Kyoto, and later on in Kyushu, Hokkaido, Northeast Japan, and so on. I intend to make paradises on earth in all these regions. I will make one in Hawaii, and I also intend to construct an art museum and paradise on earth in the United States. The money for the American project will come from Americans, but I will do the planning.
     I have mentioned before that someone will bring one of the Rockefellers to Hakone next year, and this will be good. When it comes to the point of constructing a paradise on earth in the U.S., money will not be a problem. The Rockefeller Foundation is really extraordinary. World Messianity does not deserve to have the word gworldh in its name until a paradise on earth is constructed in the U.S. This is only a matter of time, and it will definitely come to fruition. In the meantime, paradises on earth will also be constructed in Europe and the Orient, in China, India, and Burma. God has prepared conditions in these regions as well. A while ago, I heard a story about a golden Buddhist statue in Burma. It seems that the Burmese people save as much of their money as they can, and when they have enough, they buy gold leaf. In Burma, gold leaf is sold in small and large batches, which devotees buy and paste on the statue of Buddha. This has been going on for several hundred years now, and it is not known for certain how much gold there really is on the statue. I heard this story from Mr. Koganei, a Diet member who traveled to Burma on government business. He had traveled to Southeast Asia with three or four other persons to consult on economic issues and is also a member of the church. I had heard about this statue before, and it is not known how thick the gold leaf on this statue is, but the tradition is that when the Maitreya appears, the statue will be presented to him. So, when my work and I go there, I will go as the Bodhisattva Maitreya, and it will be the time, so this gold will be given to me. With such resources, a magnificent paradise on earth can be constructed. This all sounds like a dream, but God has prepared everything without fail. Conditions have been prepared in the same way in each nation. The Palace of the Vatican in Italy is another example of Godfs preparation. World Messianity will soon be using this as well. So, you all will be able to confidently go there. I have seen in photographs how magnificent the Vatican Palace is, and it is truly astonishing. With sculptures from all parts of the world, the architecture, and paintings, the art there is truly first rate. So, what we are going to do now has already been prepared for hundreds, thousands, scores of thousands of years by God. It is just a matter of the right time. Therefore, the actual work will be very easy. For example, when constructing the Atami paradise on earth, the rocks we needed rocks to extend the retaining walls all came limitlessly from within the grounds themselves. The materials for walls that I only recently realized were necessary had been prepared thousands and scores of thousands of years ago. To enjoy a magnificent view from these grounds, the whole area of Sagami Bay, including the islands Hatsushima and Oshima were part of this preparation. Natural phenomena have been prepared well in advance, but preparation of buildings around the world is quite recent. When I speak about such matters, it seems unbelievable so great and profound is God. When the work reaches a certain stage, you will begin to understand. I could not speak of these matters before, because they are on such a greater scale than anything I have done before, but because I have talked about them today, the time has come.

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