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     As previously described, pain, physical pain, occurs during the purification process when fever dissolves solidified toxins. As the liquefied toxins seek an outlet, they move through the body, irritating the nerves of the muscles. This is the cause of most instances of pain.
     The symptoms of the kind of pain I have just explained appear in diverse conditions from appendicitis, acute peritonitis, acute nephritis, headaches, toothaches, tympanitis to rheumatism, and the various types of neuralgia. The cause of the kind of pain located in the bones that has been named periostitis results from the purification activity of the solidified toxins in the periosteum that dissolve and cause irritation as they move from the periosteum to the muscles.
     Another cause of pain is when the solidified toxins on the inside surface of the periosteum dissolve in the purification process, they open microscopically small holes in the bones as they seek an exit. The number of these holes varies with the amount of toxin, and of course, the severity of the pain increases with the number of holes. Such is what is occurring in instances of the conditions known as costal caries, tympanitis, toothache and also osteomyelitis. When there happen to be an innumerable number of holes, doctors say that the bone has putrefied, but this judgment is erroneous. We know it is mistaken because after the toxins have dissolved and left the body, the bones return to their original, perfect condition.
     The distinctive kinds of pain such as from whitlow in the fingers, from gangrene in and around the toes, and in the pain from anal fistula naturally all occur during the elimination of toxins in the purification process, but these are very pernicious toxins, hence the pain is severe. In these instances, the first and the second stages of purification are occurring together, which often happens during the years of youth, the period of the most vigorous purification activity in a person’s life. Doctors say that in these conditions the putrefaction will move to neighboring areas, but this opinion is also completely erroneous. Throughout my wide experience in treating these conditions, I have observed that toxins will accumulate only to a certain level and will not increase over that level. The toxin accumulation swells to that extent and then a hole opens naturally and the impure blood in the form of puss is eliminated. When this process is over, the condition completely heals. But as this condition looks at one glance as if the flesh is decomposing, practitioners of medical science mistakenly call it putrefaction, and so they amputate the affected part which creates a disabled human being. To repeat, on the basis of my long years of experience, I declare that whitlow and gangrene are not instances of putrefaction.
     The pain caused by gastrospasm is a separate issue which I will discuss in the section on diseases of the stomach, so I omit it here.
     There is also the pain that follows from afflictions such as burns and external injuries, but as this type of pain is not due to illness, it will definitely heal naturally if left alone. Pain that happens to continue for an inordinately long period of time or the burns and injuries that do not heal both result from the use of disinfectants. If the use of all medications is stopped and the affected area merely cleaned with clear water, the wound will heal naturally.
     As shown, there is a great variety of pains that come about as a result of disease, but the cause of almost all pain is medicinal toxins. The kind of pain and symptom differ by the type of medicinal toxin.
     Chinese herbal medicines, in my experience, are characterized by causing a dull pain over a large area distinguishing them from Western medicines that usually result in one specific area distinctive varieties of sharp pain, the most frequent ranging from that which feels like a bolt of lightening, that which feels like a piercing needle, to that severe type of pain that feels like drilling.
     To be noted is that injected medicines particularly are often the cause of severe pain.
     There is also pain caused by uric toxins, but this pain is usually light. There is hardly any pain with congenital toxins, so they are often mistaken by doctors for congenital syphilis.

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 2, third edition, page 29, October 5, 1943
translated by cynndd