Great Construction


The key to the solution of the worlds problems both the problems of the individuals and those of the state can be found in one wordMakoto. Makoto means sincerity and truth.

  Politics are hollow and inadequate because they lack Makoto. The resources of the world are not enough because there is not enough Makoto in the world.

  Moral decline comes about because of the absence of Makoto; public disorder starts from the absence of Makoto.

  All the crime and corruption in this society of ours has its origin in the lack of Makoto.

  Unless religion, scholarship and art have Makoto as their essential core, they are nothing more than hollow shells.

  If only we can find Makoto. Ah, to find Makoto. I speak to people everywhere: there is only one solution to your problems. There is only the key which is Makoto.

Miscellaneous Topics Related to Religious Faith, September 5, 1948 (the 23rd year of Showa)

         *       *       *

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