Great Construction

“Kannon Kyôdan to wa Nan zo ya”

 A translation for the essay “Kannon Kyôdan to wa Nan zo ya” which first appeared in the Meshiya Kyo publication Shinkô Zatsuwa, September 5, 1948, page 42, is not available yet. The titles of previously published translations are given below for reference.

“Construction of an Ideal World,” The Glory, Number 18, November 10, 1957.

“Construction of an Ideal World,” Teachings of Meishu and Kyoshu, no date given but estimated to be late 1956 or early 1957.

“What Is World Messianity?” Foundation of Paradise, 1984, page 3.

“Shinji Shumeikai,” A Hundred Teachings of Meishu-sama, no date, page 8.