Great Construction

Religion and Science

     Religion and science have continued to be treated as separate fields, but this distinction is a great error. The truth is that in the world there is nothing that is not affected by science nor is there anything that has nothing to do with religion. I do so state because even science exists inseparably with religion. That such a relationship has not been perceived until now is because the way religion is taught is too shallow. Existing religions have been around, some for merely a few hundred years and some for as long as several thousands of years, but in either case, at the time of their founding, society had not developed to the extent it has today, so even if religion had expounded profound theories, they would not have been understood. In all affairs and matters, it is God’s intention that human beings are not made to engage in useless, futile activities.
     Today the level of the progress of material science has reached the point of starting to penetrate the world of the spirit, and if the subject of the spirit were explained in scientific terms, people today would not find the explanation difficult to understand. Such are the circumstances in which I am now attempting to open the door of mystery that has been closed so firmly for so many ages.
     I am not a scientist. In the field of science, I am an amateur. In my discussion of the subject, there may be some errors, but I will be most happy if what I have to say is of some benefit.
     Amongst all the fields of modern science, probably no other field continues to contribute to human culture as that of electricity and electronics. In whatever field of human endeavor, tedious harping on the benefits of electronics is certainly not necessary. A suspension of the supply of electricity is equivalent to a cessation of civilization. We truly live in an age of electronics. But then, what suddenly made its appearance at the end of the recent world war, invented by the United States of America, was the atomic bomb. This invention did astonish the world as a great monster, but it also helped to end the war more quickly. The first appearance of the power of smashing the atom took away numerous lives in one stroke but with this advance, conversely, it can be anticipated that it is a great discovery which will greatly benefit the world’s peoples. If atom smashing has come about destined to be the successor to the age of electronics, then what comes after the atomic age is the age of what I call the spirit particle, the age of spirit. It will be a highly advanced civilization, certainly well within the realm of imagination. What I have introduced above, I shall explain below.
     My explanation starts with the principles of fire and water. In the most simple terms, fire burns with the assistance of water, and water flows with the help of fire. If fire did not exist, every thing in the world would freeze in an instant. Conversely, if moisture did not exist and there was only fire, the whole planet would explode instantaneously. This is the principle behind the atomic bomb. In other words, towards the nucleus of an atom, an element of something like uranium or plutonium is radiated and the hydrogen, the spirit of water, in the nucleus becomes zero, exploding at the same time. This small explosion induces the surrounding elements, spreading out to become a great explosion. This principle extends to all in the universe. If sufficient force is radiated to cause hydrogen to become zero, the same results will be obtained even when the element radiated is not uranium. Nowadays, the principle of smashing the nucleus of an atom is understood to be the process of attacking and destroying the electron which encloses the one atom. To my way of thinking, to cause the hydrogen in the atom to become zero degree through radiation focused on the atom is a principle of destruction, but research on the principle of atom smashing proceeds ceaselessly, and with the recent progress of science we have also arrived at the theory of the proton and the discovery of the alpha particle.
     Next will come the era of the spiritual particle. Religion must be central in this age, so here permit me an interpretation in religious terms of the three eras I have discussed. First, the age of electricity. Electricity has a physical side and a spiritual side. The physical side is that which is manifest in the electric light or lamp. The spiritual side manifests without wires, as in radio and television, and is none other than the dynamics of the world of the spirit of language in the transmission of the physical human voice as sound waves over thousands of miles.
     Second, the physical aspects of the age of the atom were discovered with the invention of atom smashing, but the spiritual aspects remain unknown to material science. In religious terms the atomic age can said to be the world of thought.
     Finally, in the world of the spiritual particle, the physical is represented by the activity of divine spirits from the intermediate and lower levels. What has already been discovered of this world are the existing religions that we have today. That there are various levels of religions is because the levels of divine spirits vary.
     In the spiritual realm of the world of the spiritual particle, what I refer to as the world of the profound, is where the divine spirits of the highest level reside and where divine administration is conducted. On a level above the three worlds I have just described is the one true God, Almighty God, Creator of the Great Cosmos. No words or symbols can describe the Creator, only that it is the center of unlimited, absolute power and virtue. Nothing can be said other than it is the source of all.
     Here, I shall attempt to explain in scientific terms how salvation is effected through divine beings and the fundamentals of impurities and sins. There are religions of varying sizes and of differing characteristics throughout the world, but each of these religions conducts activities of salvation with the intention of saving human beings under the direction of the spirits of various divine beings who have offered their hands of help from the spiritual world through the agency of the human beings with whom they have a spiritual affinity in the physical world. Of course, the fundamentals of these various forms of salvation accord with God’s administration, and the task of salvation is entrusted to these beings at certain times, for certain peoples, in certain areas, for certain periods. They appear to help because at a certain time, in a certain area, sins and impurities accumulate to the point where they impede the progress of civilization.
     Since antiquity, one of the stated purposes of religions has been to remove sins and impurities. Sins and impurities are, spiritually speaking, the clouds on the spirit that build up on the individual level in one human being and on the level of society, the clouds that accumulate throughout the spiritual world of an area or region. Clouds are a kind of poisonous germ that is generated within and lives in the midst of spirit of water, hydrogen. This germ is an infinitesimal particle whose size continually fluctuates and is so tiny it cannot even be seen with the aid of a microscope. It is these poisonous particles that through bad thoughts and deeds are generated and thus increase, becoming the cause of human suffering, and conversely, decreasing through good thoughts and good deeds.
     When clouds increase to a certain extent, purification is naturally generated. Instances of purification on a small scale are the misfortune and disease that individuals experience, and examples on a greater scale are the lesser calamities of starvation, disease, conflict and the major calamities of storms, floods, conflagrations. Action to reduce these misfortunes as much as possible, if not eliminate them altogether, to reduce unhappiness, is the spiritual light that comes from the great love of the divine for the transmission of which there have appeared intermediaries such as saints, holy man, and the founders of various religions and those who worked under them, as well as angels. For salvation, the divine beings use in each age individual human beings with doctrines and methods appropriate to the peoples of that period.
     The element that eliminates the previously mentioned infinitesimal toxic particles is the spirit of fire, light that is invisible to the eye. Elimination occurs through the process of purification, manifested by the same principle as that by which sunlight kills germs. To explain the process more thoroughly, this is what happens. The individual human being receives light through the teachings or through the prayers of a religion, and the hitherto sleeping soul is awakened, repents, and reaches the point where it thinks good thoughts and does good deeds. As the light in the soul shines, the infinitesimal toxic particles decay and disintegrate.
     This essay is a scientific explanation of religion, but I am not speaking in terms of science that favors only the material nor am I speaking in terms of a science of the spirit. My explanation is made in the terms of science that unifies spirit and body. I have sought to introduce in as straightforward a manner as possible the true face of the highly advanced civilization that is about to come.

Essays on Faith, page 109, January 25, 1948
    translated by cynndd