Great Construction

Being Loved by God

     Put simply, the essence of faith is being loved by God. That is, being favored by God. In which case, the question is, what kind of person is loved by God. I will discuss this later, but first there is a matter that must be understood and that is about the mission of World Messianity. In regard to this mission is the point that the time of the words, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” along with the coming of the last judgment as prophesied by Christ and the end of Buddhism as spoken of by Buddha, is rapidly approaching. In preparation for these events, God and Buddha are manifesting great mercy and compassion so that as many as possible may be able to pass through this great tribulation of the world. As to how many people may be saved, of course God is undertaking this work through human beings, and I do believe that I have been entrusted with leading this great task.
     As this is a great mission never seen or heard of before, I could not help but think that the burden was too great for an insignificant, ordinary person as myself. The person in charge of entrusting me with this task is tremendous, and there was no help for it as a wonderful level of divine being has appeared in this world. There was no way such a task could be rejected, but at first I doubted quite a bit and tried to resist, but there was nothing I could do but accept. God is pulling my strings and making me dance. The number of times I was brought to the heights of excitement but then again plunged to the depths of the abyss was not just once or twice. But each time I had such an experience, I thought how fascinating human life is, how happy and thankful I am, how indescribable the exquisiteness, how mystic and spiritual that which God is undertaking. There are no words to describe the experience. I could not help but think I was the only person in the world who felt this way.
     Now, to get to the main topic, what does it mean to be favored by God? This is most important. To begin, being favored by God means not doing what God dislikes. Or in opposite terms, undertaking what God favors with all one’s heart. Considered with common sense, this is something that anyone can understand. What God dislikes is that which does not stand to reason, that is, deeds like telling lies, making others suffer, and causing trouble in society. People nowadays do not concern themselves with others as long as they themselves are all right, and there are just too many instances where we observe this attitude in action. This conduct is absolutely the worst. There is no way that individuals who conduct themselves in this way could obtain the favor of God. Thus, one should know whether one has found favor in God’s eyes or whether one is disliked by God. How to judge this for yourself is quite easy. It does not entail any work or time. It can be established immediately. Let me explain.
     Matters and affairs do not go as you like or plan. You cannot obtain the material things you think you need; your work does not proceed smoothly; people do not trust you; you do not attract others; your health is unsatisfactory. Even though I am doing my best, I do not know why things are going like this. There are many in these situations, and it is these very people who are not favored by God. If a person is favored, work is interesting and people are attracted to the individual to a bothersome degree. Material goods come into the hands to the extent that total use is not possible, and life does become satisfactory and interesting.
     This should be obvious by now but the value of faith lies in becoming this kind of fortunate individual. Therefore, if fortune is not to be had as you practice your faith, it must be discerned that the cause lies within.

Chijōtengoku, Issue 4, page 5, May 25, 1949
translated by cynndd

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